Percy the Parakeet

Welcome to the page of adorableness! :D

At this page you can view pictures and videos of my Parakeet Percy Puffy Cheeks. 
Here's a few facts about Percy! :)

1. He is three years old

2. his birthday is November 6th, 2014.

3. His favorite food is millet, but he also likes cornflakes, Popcorn, Clovers, Lettuce and crackers. :P

4. He can speak in English! He can say "Hi Percy!" "Baby bird" "Percy" ect, He can even laugh, cough and do R2D2 sounds!

5. His favorite toys are his mirrors, He loves any toy you give him as long as it has mirrors and bells and also things he like to chew on, such as twist-ties. :D

6. He hates the dark! Lets just say that if its night time, He makes noises that sound like a squirrel...Unless there's lights on. 

7. He goes on trips with me! He loves to travel! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't he? XD every time someone comes over to my house and sees Percy, They really want a parakeet! XD

  2. Wow, is he ever adorable! This is making ME want a parakeet now! XD
    ~ Iluvsnowdrop

  3. He's so cute! Two days ago my dad drove my sister and I to Petsmart to get a Green Parakeet, but we got a canary instead!