Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I need questions!

Hey guys!

So this is just a quick note to you all, So my 1st Bloggerversary is coming around, And I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A! I do plan on making the post more then a Question and Answer, But that's just something I thought would be fun to do! So I need you guys to give me questions about anything! Well, Nothing like my real name and ages and stuff, Just other random things that you wanted to know about me. :3 You can submit questions starting now through February 21st. Have fun! :D


  1. (Love the backround :D)

    1. How many pets do you have?
    2. Whats your least favorite animal
    3. how many siblings do you have?
    4. Whats your favorite book?

    Congrats also Tall ;)

  2. which animals do you like besides birds? What’s your opinion on BLOBFISH? What’s your favourite thing to draw? What do you like best about blogging?

    Also happy al,ost 1 year anniversary!!

  3. Yo! I'm new to this blog, I just found it in Doomypanda's blog!

    1. What was is favourite post in this blog?
    2. How excited were you when you first posted?

    1. Hello SySpy! Welcome to ze Animal Jam Budgie! :3 I hope you enjoy my posts, Although I may not post all that much, I try to make this blog as enjoyable as possible! :) Thanks for commenting!