Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Gem Squad!


Well, Umm...

I guess I.. Well, Forgot to post, A couple things..

Like the Box review, Christmas and New Year recap..

And it wouldn't make sense that I'd still make a post about it.

Unless you guys are really that interested in seeing them, Please let me know, Because I feel bad about it, Well I really do in every post, And you guys are probably sick of it. :p

Okay, I could just do a whole post like that, Or get to the point of why I'm writing this.

Alrighty!  So you guys have probably herd of the Gem Squad by now, Nafaria9 (CLICK HERE! To read her post), Made a post on the Pegasus Armor, And it belongs to the Gem Squad.

And when I first read her post, I thought that the Gem Squad was just another pet Multipack, And the pets would be translucent and kinda have a rocky, Crystal kinda look to them. But noo, I was soo very wrong, And I'm soo happy I was. XD

And something I just need to note, All the pictures are not originally mine, Some of them wore from videos and I just took some screenshots, And other are from the AJ Wiki and other sites, So I give all the credit to them! And I will be putting notes on what came from where. (I actually only used Screenshots.. XD)

Okay! Now Introducing the Gem Squad!! :D

(These Screenshots wore taken from Miss Bannworth's video:  Animal Jam: Epic Pack: Gem Squad Animal List)


They are so stinking cool! And FINALLY there's new figures! Jazwares and AJHQ, I was waiting all last year for the new toys, And there was nothing, NOTHING! Well, Except a some pet toys, Like the plush blind bags and the Series 3 Cupcakes, Oh and the Friendship Cottage, And the Giraffe with the Closet, Okay, Maybe there was a little more then I thought, but still, THERE WAS NOTHING!! XD But finally, All those awaited Figures, Plush and Playsets will hopefully make a debut in the land of toys this year and not a bunch of tiny little pet figures. But don't get me wrong, I love the pets, There so tiny and cute, And I really enjoy the blind dens and stuff, But I've been waiting for the normal ones for so long it feels, :P And I think, Because they already got the molds so it seems, The normal versions will be coming out soon! YAY!

(These Screenshots wore taken from Miss Bannworth's video: Animal Jam: Epic Pack: Gem Squad Toy Unboxing)

So I just said that I love the Pet Blind Dens, Well, The Gem Squad is also a blind toy.. XD

So these will be packaged as a blind toy, Meaning you don't know what figure you'll be getting, And the package is designed to look like a gem, And instead Adopt-A-Pets, These are called Epic Packs, And these figures will be Exclusive to Walmart, But I'm wondering, Since these are called Epic Pack Gem Squad, See it's "Epic Pack" then "Gem Squad" and not to mention, These are exclusive to Walmart's only, And these reminds me of the Adopt-A-Pets Treasure Chests, And with those, There are many other versions of Adopt-A-Pets, But Walmart has an Exclusive, And same with the Den Playsets, Many versions, But there's exclusives, And the Treasure Chest don't say the series number, And these don't say the series number, Sooo, I bet there's gonna be a series 1 coming out! Or maybe it could be floating around all ready and there's been no record of them yet, So I'm positive there's gonna be more! :D

So these figures do come with accessories, New accessories even, and some are glittery and translucent! :D

(These Screenshots wore taken from DiamondMom76's video: Animal Jam Gem Squad Crystal Pegasus Promos Unboxing & Redeeming Codes | diamondmom76)

I love the new eye shapes and items! :D The Dolphin is so pretty! X3 And I'm in love with the Unicorn Horns! And the Musketeer Hat, I love how big it is, Unlike most of the head items, There small, So I'm very excited to get one! :3 And lots of new colors! And making one with black is really nice, So not everything is colorful, And I love the patterns! There alot different then the Light Up Ring figures, And some parts are iridescent, Which is a very nice touch on these. :)

I'm not sure on the price, But I'm estimating around 3-5 $ based on the prices of the other toys, The Friends With Pets are 5$, And they are pretty much the same as these but come with a Pet and don't have the patterns, And are not blind boxed or anything, and Adopt-A-Pets are 2.88, So I'm thinking 4.50 or so. :P

I'm also not sure what else the codes give you other then the Pegasus Armor, Most likely Gems and Diamonds.

So I think these are super cool! I'm super excited to hunt these down along with the Spring Cottages, And Hopefully I'll get the new figures. :3 Tell me what you think in the comments! :P Because you know I love to read comments from you guys, I just do. :3

So hopefully I put enough Information in this post, Because I just found out about these soo, :P Yeah.  And If I do find them, I'll do a quick review posty thingy, And hopefully the pictures will be better. And I'll let you know the price and stuff, And I also have another post planned, Which Involves a sore loser, And Tavie not being an Alpha. XD You'll see.

Well I hope to see you soon guys! BYEEE!


  1. WOW! Those are so cool! AJHQ should make a website where you could personalize your own toy :o (BECAUSE THEN WE COULD MAKE BLOGGERS LIKE COME ON AJ)

  2. cool, gift me and i will gift you a black short for one of these things:) Promise i just can't play rn

    1. Uh..?? I can't gift you an Animal Jam toy, But no. I'm not gifting anything.

  3. What a great site!! Thank you so much for sharing a screenshot of my video.. Hope you enjoyed the Video.. =)

    1. Your welcome! Your video helped me out a lot with this post! :D