Saturday, December 23, 2017

Jamaaliday Outfits!


Random Person: Ugh... Talloose, Tomorrow is not Christmas Day..


Random Person: TALLOOSE! Tomorrow's Christmas Eve!


Random Person: THEN WHAT IS IT?! ):Z

Me: Christmas Day. :3

Random Person: (Face Palm) For gravy steaks Talloose..

Okay.. Yes Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, But for us, It's Christmas day, In this household we do Christmas a day early, Because we have a family gathering 10 hours away, And it's the day after "Normal" Christmas day. So early Christmas for us! (YAYYYYYYY! XD)

So for anyone who does Christmas a day early, Merry Christmas Eve to you! And for those of you who are on a normal schedule, Merry Christmas the normal way! XD

So today I'm gonna show you some awesome AJ looks I found while exploring Jamaa, And Believe me on this, Finding outfits themed for the Jamaalidays was not easy, I don't now how many refreshes it took to just find a single Jammer. DX XD

But I managed to collect enough to where this post wasn't a fail, YAY! :D

OH! And before I show you the outfits, Here's the magical Percy Cookie!

Great cookie decorating skills, Right?.... XD (I'm the worst cookie decorator ever. XD)  
Just so I don't forget and you guys never see it, And you never know what cookie will be the next victim. ):3

Alright, Now we may get back to this post. :P

So our first look is this adorable little pastel Penguin! I wish I didn't cut the name out, So I could call them something. I did this with 2 others before I realized it, Heh. :P

I really love this look, The colors are beautiful, And I love all 3 of the items, Especially the Leg Armor, One of my most favorite AJ items ever! I would of totally sent Jam-A-Gram a them if I could talk in Jam-A-Grams, ( The side effects of being Non-Member) And say how nice it is. :3

This look is so beautiful! XD I love Lions with tiny eyes! X3

I know everyone does Santa outfits, But this ones like the best one ever! I love how the colors go together, The Items, And using a Lion just feels like what animal, Santa, Would be. :3

Man, I love all the colors of these outfits! I'm very pleased to see someone do orange, And use the Wreath Necklaces that I love! X3

So This look is by 25pheary, And It's so cute! I love the classic coloring, And that's mostly because the added Gingerbread Tail! It just looks so much different when I imagine it not being there, So it really completes the look, And adds that touch of uniqueness! :D Great Job, Pheary!

This look by, New Jammer, Contains one of my favorite AJ color combos. The dark blue with the teal, It goes really well together, And I also like to add a light aqua, But that's just how I do it. The gray on the antlers looks really nice with the colors, And the shininess on the Ice Armor works great with the flashy lights, It reminds me of a snowy Winter night. :3 

This look by Greywolf777, IS SOO CUTE!!! 

I just cant resist those big sparkly eyes, And that little red nose is just so small and cute! I'm totally gonna get a Red Panda and give it a tiny red nose. X3 This look contains the normal Jamaaliday items used in most outfits, But that little nose and big eyes is just too much to pass up! X3

The username, Siennapinkbook4, Definitely suits this look!

I just couldn't help but think Pinkie Pie from MLP when I spotted this look, And it has a Jamaaliday Wreath! Good Job, Sienna! XD This look is really cute, And really pink. :3

This look is made by Dragonlord15155, I love the unique color choices for the items and the animal itself!

I'm in love with this look, It's very different from many I've seen, And I love when people fit every color from their items into the animals color palette, No matter the items color and how the colors match. And it may look weird the first try, But if the colors get switched  to other parts of the animals body, It can  become a really cool and unique look like the one showed above, Defiantly one of my favorite looks I've seen in awhile, Keep up the awesome work, Dragon! :D

This look is by Snowflakeshield! (Love the Username! :D)

This Look has a very nice combination of the classic red and green, With a little gray, White and black sprinkled in, And I like the snowy tree sweater, And the snowy antlers together, It's a fun combo, And I love that username, But the normal name is even better! XD Smelly Sneezyfish, That is just awesome! XD I think I need an animal with that name. Fantastic looks, And names, Snow! (PS: I'm too lazy to search the items names, Sorry about nontechnical terms )

And now for the final Jammer to be featured in this post! :3

Jujii1, With that adorable little red nose! X3 

I just cant get over the tiny nose, And I really like the added Spike Collar, It just gives it something extra, And the brawn and red look really nice together. :3

So that's all the Jamaaliday looks that I found! I love all of them, And I was kinda thinking, For fun, I could make a big drawing featuring all the Jammers in this post together! It sounds like a fun challenge, Though it would be awhile till I get the time to make it, Since I have to go on 2 trips, And there both so close together, (Oh boy..) It would still be fun to make! :D So let me guys know what you think of that idea! 

Will It might be a while till you hear anything from me, I might be able to comment a little, Since we take the home phone with us, So me and my sisters can talk to our mom when she can't come with us, But I think my dad said we'll be back Wednesday and we leave Monday, And the second trip I'll have no contact, And I'll also be gone a little  longer. :( I don't like leaving home a lot, And I do enjoy traveling, It's just I miss the comforts of home easily, I do have a teeny tiny idea though, Like in the afternoon on Sunday or Wednesday would work too, While in the car we could comment to each other! Like I'll take the moderation's off for a little bit and we could talk! I could set a time and I'll make a post and we could use it like a chatting board on AJ! Let me know if any of you are interested! And I'll try to remember to post tomorrow on the time and day, And you guys could also comment what day/time you think would be good! I think somewhere in the afternoon would be a good time zone, Like 1:00 to 4:00, Maybe 5:00, So just tell me your thoughts and I'll work it out! :D It might be Wednesday since Sundays Christmas day. :3 Depends on the votes.

Well Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year as well! :D 

Bye everyone! X3 Have a great Holiday from me and Pipi bird! :3


  1. Cool outfit findings. I gotta say my favourite one is the penguin.

  2. Awesome outfits :o (A PARAKEET COOKIE YAYYY XDD) My favorite is the red panda :D What did you get for Christmas Tall :o