Friday, October 27, 2017

Animal Jam Fall Box Review!

Hey guys! Woo, It's been awhile! I've been meaning to post, But times just been flying so fast! It's like each year goes by faster and faster! ):I I feel like it hasn't even been a week yet. I try to post at least two or three times a month, But it hasn't really happened yet. :P 

On "ze" other hand, My box arrived today! So that means it's time to post another review once again! :D

So this box is Phantom themed, Which I'm super excited about! I was completely wrong about thinking it would be like fall animal themed, Likes Fox's, Deer's, Raccoon's, ECT. But I got super excited about the phantoms, Especially since I don't think they'll release many phantom products if any, So it's pretty cool that they did this!

Here's the box design, The artwork is so cool!

The first look of everything inside. :3 OOOOH! Looks like the tee shirt will get shown first because it's on top, Cards for second!

Here's the awesome shirt! 

I love this shirt! The design is so cool! :D And the color is really nice too. I love how like, I dunno, Comic booky maybe? I just love the style! I really hope to see another shirt with this art style, The shirt also glows in the dark! All the white spots are what glow, I'ts pretty cool! :D I wish I could get a picture of it with the glowing effect.

Okay, Now you may see the card. :P

I love design on the card! Especially the scenery on the back showing all the items, I just want a card with without the stuff so I can look at it. :3

Okay! So next item is the adorable Phantom plush! <3


OKAY.. Here is the Phantom Plush.. Without the suffocation plastic.. XD
He's so cute! AND SOOOOO SOFT! Like the most softest plush I own.. Maybe.. I gotta do a feeling test.. :P Especially if Percy counts.. 83

I love that if you turn him around, He looks happy! :D So you could have a happy Phantom, Or an angry Phantom! I personally like the happy one best. :3 Not to mention the super nice embroidery, They captured the phantoms eye so well!  This plush is also bigger then the Octopus plush, From the summer box, His body/face is the size of two Punk Penguin plushies, I don't have two of them, But my Octopus is the same size, So it works. XD So if you know how big those two are together, Then you get the idea that this little guy is a bigger size, Although I don't know if you could call it the same size as the deluxe plush, I'll have to compare with my Posh Panda.

Alright, So the next thing out of the box, I think is my most favorite item, It's the Phantom Notebook and Pen set! :3
So at first, I though it was a journal, But it's even better! :D 

Out of the plastic... 

It's actually like a case thingy! And I was so surprised at it and it's much cooler then what I thought it was! So you get a really nice leather case, A ball pen with a cute Phantom dangley thing, :P And a small Phantom notepad. The case has three small pockets on the left side, And a bigger pocket on the right to hold the notepad in, Along with a pen holder. And the good thing is that this is a reusable case, So it's compatible with other stationary! :D

On the outside of the case, It has the Animal Jam logo carved into the leather case, And on the bottom right corner, It has a little phantom eye!

Another cool thing about the eye is that it's metallic! And I super like that feature. :P

Here's a look at the pen, I really super like this pen! And I've been wanting one of these pens with the charm dangley thing, So problem solved! XD I really like the print on the pen, It's the same as on the front of the card, And it has a little AJ logo on it, I don't know why, But that's one of my favorite things about the entire pen. XD

It also writes pretty nice! And it's really fine lines, And I personally like really thin lines.

So onto the notepad! 

I really like the faded out look on the cover, It also has that same pattern as the card and now pen, I dunno about you, But I don't think I'll get sick of this print. :p

I really love the paper inside the notepad! It's so cool! And I love those two phantoms at the top! The paper has the same print as the Card, Pen, And notepad cover, Just in off white and gray.

The next thing we have is the Knitted Phantom Beanie! 

This is a really nice Beanie! It's so soft and cozy. :3 Personally, I'm not really a hat person, But I may just wear this. :P

Once again, Really nice embroidery, Man! They overdid themselves! XD 

The next thing out of the box is the Phantom Charm! 

AHH! I LOVE THIS ONE! I absolutely love this Phantom's look/pose It might as well be my favorite one. <3

I honestly really like the back of the packaging. :P It's quite nice that they decorated it this time, I prety sure the past few times it's just a sold color at the back, So this is fun. 

Isn't he just adorable!? This might be my favorite or at least close second to the Shark charm! 

Next Item is the Phantom Led watch!
I'm not to much of a watch fan, But I can sure think of good ways to use this and not wear it! Like maybe dangle it off my bag or something to check the time without asking my parents a billion times XD Since I don't carry electronics with me very often when out of the house, Unless it's my camera.:3 And I don't own a phone (I hate phones anyways) Sooo,I think I can put this to good use. :)

This is a pretty nice watch, But of course, I have no watch experience, I think it's quite nice, It has multiple holes so it should definitely fit your wrist, It has batteries included in the watch along with instructions to tell you about setting the time and what not, It also tells you the date, And seconds as well. I sure will be using this! :D

And here is the last item in the box, The business car.. :Cough cough: I mean, Code.. :P

I really like the card with a code on it more then on a tag, It's just more fun. :3 I wish this one had a cover thingy too, So it would go with mu fox one from the Winter Box, But it isn't that important.

So here's what we get!

OOOH COOL! A virtual Phantom beanie! :D

I really like this item! :D I can think of lots of cool looks with this, And it's really cool because when you wear it, The eye moves and looks around!
I also noticed that we only need a back item and you can have a whole look with box items.. Maybe the next will have one! :D Can't wait to see what the next one will have!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! This box is definitely at the top or a tie with the summer box, I can't choose witch was better! But I'd love to hear your thoughts on this box! And what do you think the next box theme will be along with what you'd what them to include!
Well thanks for reading fellow budgies! And I'll hope to see you soon! 


Me: And.. Publish!
:Moves mouse to Publish:
Me: WAIT...
ITS ALMOST 11:00!? 

Well goodnight Jammers! Me and Pips and off to bed with our new phantom friend, Adios for real this time! XD


  1. I have been dying to see the items in this box, I always get excited for the items cause I don’t get the boxXD. I want a pusheen box.

    1. YESH! I really want a pusheen box too! XD I mostly want it for the vinyl figures, But I think I'm just gonna buy them off ebay for cheap when the new boxes come out. :3

  2. i rlly want the hat mabey can u sell it to me