Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Secret Spy Camera ):3

Hello everyone and welcome back to the most non-posted blog that's been going for almost 7 months! XD 

So today's post is gonna be about me, Spying on people in my own den... ):3 CHAHAHAHAH!

I actually do this all the time! XD It's really entertaining, And sometimes it just makes me laugh, And since I had no post ideas, I just came up with this, And I'm really liking the idea. 

So this is how it's gonna work, I'm gonna go into Jamma Township, And host an Art Rating in my den, And while my main account is doing the hosting, I go onto my Storage Account, And hide somewhere in my den, And as people come, I can watch them and see what they say and do! And nobody knows I'm there.. XD

Well, Besides whoever reads this post... XD I'm perfectly unknown.

Okay! Let's get on with the show!

Here's our first two Jammers to arrive at the scene, And I think that Arctic Wolf likes that Masterpiece a little too much.. 

This Giraffe seems very amazed, It's so fascinated its eyes are popping out of its head. XD

This Wolf seems to want one of my Masterpieces, Although, I wonder who it's asking because I'm not there, Well I am, But no one knows even if they did they don't know that it's a storage. :P maybe it thinks I am there, I really don't know, But I see it a lot.

A random picture of me visitors. And looky there! A fellow seal! and it's even yellow. HEHEHEH! :P

The amazed Eagle!   

The first Jam-O-Gram! 

Amazed Eagle number two! HOORAY FOR AMAZED EAGLES! XD

And now an Amazed Wolf! I don't know.. I'm kinda leaning towards The Amazed Eagles. XD

OOOOH The Wolf has the Non-Member version of the Pet Phantom. Neat! 

"Is he here?"  Do you mean me? XD Well no, I'm not there, And I'm also not a boy.. XD

"Mine" Eh? This is an Art Rating! Not a store! Even if I wanted to give you one, I don't own a copy and I can't even make them since the file is out of date! 

A tiny bit after, I received these Jam-O-Grams.. :P

I replied with "Nope" (I wish I could say it more politely)

Then I replied with "No Thanks".

And once again, "No Thanks".

I just have to say.

I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.

This also isn't a Trading center either... XD

Or an advertisement thingy. :P

"I'm liking every sing let last art" What does that supposed to mean..?

Hello. :3

Looks like their gonna chat..

And now the last message. :P

And that's the end of the "Spy Camera" Slide Show. XD

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And weren't terribly board, :3 
And I'll be making another post soon, So until next time..

Allons-Y! XD


  1. Awesome art!

    As for the Coyote that said "I'm liking every sing let last art" I pretty sure he/she meant "I'm liking every single last art" or something like that, probably because of chat restrictions?


    1. Thank you! :3

      OOOOOH! That makes since now!:D Good thinking Sugercat!

    2. No worries! ;)



    Oh my XDD
    I hate it when ppl keep persisting to trade for an item they really want :/

  3. i was on there :O I was safia169