Thursday, June 29, 2017

Going on vacation.. Again..

Hi everyone! How you doin? :P

Today I'm just gonna talk about some random things, But mostly the fact that I'm going on vacation again, So that means 0% active, BOO! 

This time it's just me, My dad, And my sisters going, My mom has to work so she can't make it, I guess she also has to take care of our chickens and stuff and she can choose to come or not, Unlike last time, She had to come due to many reasons. :P I still wish she would come, She hasn't come to one of my families gatherings in a long time, And yup! This trip is a special family thing we do twice each year, Besides thanksgiving.

So here's some stuff about our family gathering thingys.

Each year, For Christmas and Forth of July, My family have big get together things, For Christmas, We all meet up at this school place, And do basket ball challenges, Gift exchanges, family photos and just hang out and have fun with family, After we normally go to my aunt and uncles house and hang out there for awhile, So that's kinda what our Christmas gathering is, But Forth of July is a little different, instead we go to my aunt and uncles (Yup same aunt and uncle) Lake house, So there we get to swim in the lake, And go on boat rides, and at night watch fireworks from across the lake, It's really fun! :D So there's a little somethin-somethin about what me and my family do each year!

So since it's Forth of July, We're going to the lake! YAY SWIMMING! My aunt and uncle actually have a new lake house, So I'm super excited to see what it looks like, My aunt showed me and my sisters a picture, And it looked pretty cool! I really hope it doesn't have a super steep, Long hill to walk up and down a million times, Or at least it has stairs or something... XD But it's worth it since you get to swim.

And one good thing about this is Percy can come! YIPPE! I gotta clean his "Travel cage" so it will be ready for him, Then in the morning all I gotta do is put his favorite toys, Some food and water, And of course himself in the cage. :3

So the other thing I wanted to talk about is the Anime Con me and my sisters went too! :D

So first, Let me just say that it was one of the funnest things I ever EVER done! XD It's definitely at the top of the list! :D

So right when we go inside the building, This guy walks up to us and asks for a picture, Which was pretty cool since we didn't think anyone would ask, So by the time we actually went to where everything was, Someone asked for a photo, And then someone else, And then another person! XD It was really weird because like EVERYONE wanted our photo! They we're really excited and loved our cosplays! We we're FAMOUS! XD Even when waiting inline to go inside this anime store people wanted our picture! XD And you know something really weird? We wore like the only people cosplaying Attack on Titan! XD There was like four other people, Although, Two of them just had the jacket... XD And I seemed to be the only Eren, The other two people we saw was Levi and Armin, Which my sisters cosplayed as, So that was kinda fun being the only one. We are still kinda surprised that barely anyone cosplayed as any of the characters, Since its really popular, But that made it funner to be like the one and only. So here's three funny things people said to us at the con.. XD 


This is what a lady said in the anime store.. XD She was very excited.


This is what someone yelled at us when we passed them, It was super funny because someone other then me called my sister short! XD She's actually like 5.4 or less, And that's like Levi's actual height, And as we walked away my sister pointed at the lady who said that! XD I still find it funny.

(In a weeny nerdy voice) OH MY GOSH I love Eren! I love all of you! Your cosplays are amazing! I don't cosplay because I too fab! But you guys are great!

This one just creaks me up XD This is what this guy said to us! I'm so glad I was filming when he said that because his voice is so funny! XD It's like a weeny nerdy voice, And one of the funnest things about this is he said "I don't cosplay because I too fab!" It's just too funny! He also kinda sounded nervous but excited! It's just too great for words! XD

Here's one more thing someone said to us, But this was a restaurant. :P

Excuse me, Attack on Titan cosplay? (Mhmm)  LOVE IT!

This was pretty funny! XD So we got to our table, And the guy behind us pop up his head and asks. But when he said "LOVE IT!" Was really the great part about this. XD We went to this Kinda fancy Chinese/Japanese restaurant, So we really didn't expect someone to know who we wore, But someone did so Yay! I just think everyone else was confused, Annoyed, Or disturbed. XD

So after we ate, We went to target since it was right next to it, And I was laughing quite a bit because everyone's faces when we walked passed them! XD They wore like this..

Yeah... XD Also we passed these kids that said

(In a sassy voice) Why are they dressed up?! It's not even Halloween yet! 

Okay...  :I So does that count for like little kids dressing up in princess stuff? Or just really cool things like cosplay? Hmmm...

Well that's some of the things that happened! :D I really want to go to another con now! XD

Well I should get ready for the trip, Since we're leaving tomorrow, But we'll be back Wednesday, So I'll be working on a post about the trip when I get back. 

Until then, Hug Titans, Pet Budgies, Listen to Doctor Doctor, Decorate cakes, And be a complete weirdo because it's fun! XD 



  1. AWWW DX Going to miss you :c *cries tears of bananas*
    Can't wait till u get back tho :)

  2. Aww, I'm missing ya!! :C

    Have a great trip!!!

  3. Well I'm back now so no worries :3 I need to start writing another post soon, And work on some drawings while I'm at it. :P