Sunday, June 18, 2017

Art, Art, And Randomness

:Me: Doctor doctor, Please!!
:Random person: Talloose, What on earth are you going on about?!
:Me: Oh the mess I'm in!!!
:Random person: What mess?! ):I
:Me: Doctor doctor, Please!!!
:Random person: Talloose... 
:Me: Oh the mess I'm in!!!
:Random Person: Talloose!!
:Me: She walked up to me, And really stole my heart!!
:Random Person: TALLOOSE!!!!!
:Me: And then she started, To take my body apart!!! Livin', Lovin', I'm on the run! Far aw--
:Random person: Well, Looks like Talloose isn't gonna post after all..
:Me: NO WAIT!! 8c
:Random person: Now what?! ):l
:Random person: Mhmm.. :Walks out door:
:Me: 8I 
:Random Person:  :No one: .......

Okay.. That was strange.. :P I do quite like that song.. HEHE. :3

So today, I'm gonna post some art I've made recently, It's been awhile since I updated the "Art" Tab, I really need to do that. :P Not to mention, Happy fathers day! :3

So a few days ago, I got a drawing/image editing program! It's called GIMP and I really like it! Not to mention it's 100% Free and it works amazingly! :D Much better then the old Paint program that is just horrible. XD 
So I've been drawing Animal Jam bloggers and stuff, And I'm super proud of how they turned out! I've so far drawn, Graciepopstar91 And my sister's bunny,  And I'm now working on Sarahkey8!  Once I'm done with Sarah, I'm doing a picture of Lostfairy and Swirlshine together! I'm really excited for when I draw everyone else! I'm mostly drawing whoever's animal feels like a challenge, Or I find their character fun to draw or like how they look, But I'm really just gonna draw everyone I know, Unless I find someone with a cool look randomly on Animal Jam, That's how it goes, Just depends how I feel really. :P

So here's the two drawings I've done so far!

I really like how they turned out! Although, I kinda wish I colored Gracie's wolfs pigtails better, But at the same time, It makes her hair look shiny, So not a big deal.

I think I might add these to the Art tab, But I think I'll make a special tab just for my GIMP art, Plus It will help fill up that bottom cross-column. :P

Okay so now a little randomness. :3

A few days ago, I went to another concert, I'm so glad that it was the last concert I have to get dragged along too, Although, I have to admit, It was kinda cool, And.. Fun. This time it was Iron Maiden and Ghost, And yes, The only concert we ever go to are metal ones, Unless it's my mom going to a bobby long concert, That's it, But I can sometimes enjoy them, But it really depends who it is, Or I might as well say it stank. :P You just never know.

Oh yeah, Guess what me and my sisters are gonna do on Saturday?!?
Guess... Guess.. Guess.. GuesS... GueSS.!. GuESS.!!.. GUESS..!!!.. GUESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
:Random person N.2: Lay around and do nothing?

:Random person N.3: Bake me 50 cookies? :3
Err.. No. My sisters don't really bake either. :P

 I do. :3 Well, For people me and my sisters, This is one of the best things ever, And I never actually thought it would happen.. XD Sooo... Okay say it! 
We... Are going.. To a...

ANIME CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:Random person: That's it..? ):I


I sure been having this "Random people" Running around in this post, HEHEHE. :P
But I'm so excited!! A daydream of mine is actually gonna happen! I just can't wait! I really hope my sister will get our cosplays done in time, Hopefully I can help some what without messing something up, I'm pretty bad at crafty/sewing like things.. XD I think she is mostly doing the sewing things, Which is good. :P They look super cool so far! We're cosplaying as Eren, Armin, and Levi from Attack on Titan, I wonder how many other people will be cosplaying as the characters, I hope a whole lot because that would be GLORIOUS! XD And what makes it more exciting is that its our first ever con! And I'll be dressed up as the BEST CHARACTER EVER FOR A WHOLE DAY!! XD I'll eat breakfast, IN MY UNIFORM! I'll ride in the car, IN MY UNIFORM!! I'll just be doing everything.. IN MY UNIFORM!!! XD So you get the idea :P

Well I hope you enjoyed this small post, I'll sometime update the tabs and add the new one, Until then, Bye!! And may the parakeets be with you!

Comment call!! Which drawing did you like best? Have you ever been to a con before?


  1. I have been using gimp for a few years now, but more for an editor than drawing. But it is a pretty nice drawing program too!

  2. Awww, you're gonna draw me and Swirl?! :O That's so awesome!! :D Thank you, in advance! XD

    Ooooh, an anime con sounds fun! ^.^ I'd love to go to a videogame con of some sorts... I'd dress up as someone from Legend of Zelda. XD

    Byyyy the way! Random question! :3

    What color is your hair and what style is it?

    Heh heh heh! XD

    Comment call answers: I LIKE THEM BOTH!! And nope, I have not. :P

    1. Heheheh XD Your Welcome!

      A videogame con sounds cool! My sister would also dress up as someone from Legend of Zelda if she went to one. XD I guess you both love that game!

      My hair is long with long bangs on the side, and its brown, XD that's the second time I've been asked that question by someone actually, :P But I'm very curious why. :3

    2. Ooooh, I'd wanna dress up as Link... XD Even though I'm a girl and have brown hair. :P

      Do you have curly hair? Straight hair? XDD Hehe, you'll just have to wait and see... XD

  3. Oo you are going to draw my animal? Thanks :D
    Also, I am trying to get a bird art from nevergrowup1 but her price for her art is bad long *cri* XD! (If I get it.. I have idea... mwahahahahahahahahahhahaha)
    Ooooo :o Ooo anime con.. I dont watch anime, but I like
    it's style of art XDD Have fun :D
    I dont watch anime XD XD

    Comment callz: I love them both :D You are an amazing artist talloose! (I mean, if somebody can draw a fox in ICE ARMOR as a human, they are an AMAZING artist! :D) And no, never been to a con XD Probably never will :/ Even if like Vidcon or Jamcon was right next to me, I wouldn't be able to go, the tickets are SO expensive :L WHYYYYY XDD I bet vidcon owners make like $1000000 from Vidcon XDDDDD

    1. Yup yup! I'm now working on the armor! :D
      YAY birdies! But why so pricey! DX

      Aww, Thanks Sarah! :3 That really means alot!
      Hehe I bet so! I can't imagine Comic Con! sheeh! XD DX