Monday, May 1, 2017


Hello everyone I have some big news!!!
I was looking around for some new AJ toys.. And Hohoho! I sure did!
I'm was like screaming as I saw all these..!

All the images are found by Chester Toys and Animal Jam archives!

New plush!!! That dolphin is adorable!

Feature plush? I guess they light up.. But why did they pick the panda and raccoon again? 

New light up figures.. I really love that shark!

Some figures with pets, I really like the goat, But whats that pink thing on it's chest/neck?

 And more dens! :3 It looks like I'll need more shelf space or tubs to put them in. :P

Ahhh!!!!! So.. Many!!! I can't believe my eyes! XD
Some of the pictures above show drawings of the toys, I'm guessing they haven't made then yet, Just the design, And some of theme will be coming out soon. Yay! 
I love all them! So cute! Although I'm kinda wondering what den that is, The one with the paint theme. Any ideas? Also I didn't think turtles could have pet bunnies but okie. :P

Which one are you most excited about?

On the other hand, I've herd nothing about my AJ box. So I really don't know when it will come. So the review could be at anytime. I feel really bad saying it would come and it didn't, I'm sorry about that. :( But it should turn up soon but who knows. It should of came last month but it didn't, Not a clue when i'll review it.

Well that's all I got today, Bye my fellow budgies! :3

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