Friday, May 12, 2017

News - Tag - Drawing

Hello all you happy happy people! Or are you Happy happy happy?!? :O TELL ME!! Not really.

OK, That was kinda weird, But I'm made of weird.  XD To be honest, Everyone is, Just in different ways.

So, Today I'm gonna tell you guys about something that's kinda important, So here's the double scoop of cookie dough ice cream with chocolate chips and a cherry on top! I HATE candied cherries! ):T

Well I should of told you guys this "Posts" Ago, But that'd be kinda weird because it was farther away, But here I am telling you now! :D Me and my family are going on vacation for a few days and I'll be leaving late on the 17th, And I might be back the 22nd or 23rd or something, I don't remember. we're gonna be driving to Atlanta, And then after a few days we're gonna head to North Carolina. I'm super excited to go because I've never been to North Carolina, And I haven't been to Atlanta for like two or three years! And I'll take some pictures and post them when I return! I wish I could still connect to you guys while I'm away, But I don't have anyway of doing that. :( And do you guys wanna know one of the best things about the trip?!? Well I believe we're going to the zoo in Atlanta, And they have the words best creation...



This is partly why I really want to go just because all the parakeets XD I just love parakeets.

Another thing is that Percy is coming with me, Yup he comes with me on trips, But there's a small problem, When we're going to the zoo, Percy would have to come with me in a bag carrier, Since I can't leave him hot in the car, I'll have to take him with me, But.. The zoo may not allow that, If they don't I have not a clue what I'll do, Unless we don't go or leave him home. :(

On the other hand, Yesterday Lostfairy form the Animal Jam Jumble Tagged me to do a, Well, Tag. XD But this tag is a little different, Because there's a special way to do it, It's called the Sunshine Blogger Award tag,  And here's the catch, You answer 11 questions from the who tagged you, And after that you make up 11 new questions and tag 11 people to do them! Pretty easy, Eh? :P

OK, Just to let you guys know, This is gonna be really weird, And my answer may or may not make since to some people or no one at all. XD Just to let you people know, Its OK to not understand. :P

1. What movie character is most like you, Why?

Oh geez, I really have no clue. :O 

2. What is your favorite smell in the world?

OH this gotta be my favorite question!  XD My favorite smell is Parakeets, Yup, Parakeets. They smell so good! XD I also like old electric mixers, Garlic and anything lemon! :D

3. If you could meet any fictional character, Who would it be?

EREN EREN EREN!!!! OK, Lets just say a guy from a anime called Attack On Titan, And his name is Eren Jaeger. XD Just before I go over board, I'll keep it simple. And no, I don't NOT have a "CRUSH" on him.. I hate that stuff, ):I I'm just a huge fan, OK more of a crazy person. but I'm not that type of person who haves crushes and stuff. No offense.

4. What is the best thing that happened to you and why?

Oh that's a toughy. Well I got a lot of those like, Getting Percy for Christmas, Making a blog that I always dreamt about And even Attack On Titan is totally up there, Because ever since I watched it with my sisters, I just felt happier. I know that sounds odd, But I think that was something I was missing in my life. :D I just always felt there was just one thing that wasn't right, But now I haven't felt that way ever since I saw it. So There's a few things.

5. Whats your favorite daydream that you go to all the time?

Hmm, Well I always use to daydream about having a blog, But I don't now, I guess I daydream about Attack On Titan stuff, Like me and my sisters cosplaying as our favorite characters at a anime con, Or just walking around as them in general XD Or sometimes I daydream about what it would be like to meet you guys in person, I also daydream about like what the world would be like we everyone had powers and magic, And people were Monsters and creatures and myths. :P Oh and Parakeets flying around like normal birds outside. XD I guess I daydream more then I thought.

6. If you could have ANY animal in the world as a pet, Which animal would it be?

Well I already do, Which is Percy, But I might go with a Fairy penguin or a otter, There so cute! Actually this lady that my mom looks at on I think on instagram has a pet otter, Its so adorable! :D

7. What's your 3 favorite words?

How about, Parakitty, Meep and Sesame, Although I still got a few more! XD

8. What is your dream job?

TITAN SLAYING!!! XD Unless were talking about something more "Realistic" Although I know that titans and stuff are real. :P  I guess I'd run a small bakery cafe teashop thing or something, And I allow Parakeets inside, Or working for AJHQ would be cool. :P

9. What's your idea of a perfect day, Why?

Well, I think it should be Snowing, Watching Attack On titan, Baking cupcakes, Percy doesn't squawk not even once, Finding a blogger portal, Dressing up as people from Attack On Titan and then walk around Walmart or something XD, Cute fluffy Parakeets everywhere, Mosquitos go extinct for ever, Go to London, Go to a blogcon or something and meet all the AJ bloggers, And I think that's everything. :3 I somehow manage to fit everything in one day... And somehow a lot of that stuff is passable. XD Well of course it is! I just need to get the money to go to London and stuff :P

10. What sounds best to you: A book, Movie or Video game?

OK well that is kinda hard, It really depends what it is, Like books by Liz Kessler for books, I'm really sure about movies because I normally don't watch them besides with my family after dinner every now and then, But If TV shows then Attack On Titan, And for Video game it would be roleplaying on Minecraft with my sisters. :D So I can't really pick just one!

11. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found everything you love gone?

Oh my, Well, Maybe I'd look for a portal or something and try to change back time, Maybe?
I have not a clue, I guess I'd try to find out how it happened and try to stop it. :P Or maybe I'd be mad and punch a tree or something, I think maybe that to. :P

And there it was! Did anyone find anything I said really weird? XD

OK I shall now make up some new questions and tag whoever! XD

1. If you had to eat one of your least favorite foods, Which one would you choose? 
2. What would you do if you woke up one day and the world froze, and you are the only one who can move?
3. If you could live anywhere in the world, Where would it be?
4. What is your favorite species of birds?
5. What are 5 things that make you happy?
6. If you could invent anything is the world, What would it be and why?
7. What is something your proud of? Why?
8. Dolls, Figures or plushies?
9. What is your favorite pattern to have on your clothes?
10 If you could create your own business company,  What would your brand sell? And why?
11 What is your favorite and least favorite quality about yourself? 

OK! I don't have 11 people to tag so I'm just gonna tag as many as I can think of. :P

Nafaria9 From the Animal Jam Whip.

Purplestarclub from My Little Jammers

Sarahkey8 from the Animal Jam friendship community

Doomypanda from the Animal Jam stream

Violet86271 from the Animal Jam Legendary palooza

There we go! :D

And now the very last part of this post.

A few days ago, Purplestarclub, Asked me if I would like her to draw my seal since she asked me to draw her, So awhile ago she gave me a link to it! And here it is! :D

Isn't it amazing?! I love it so much! Thank you very much Purple! :D It's adorable!

Well it looks like this post has come to an end, Until next time, Bye!

PS: What do you think was the weirdest part about this post? :P


  1. Aw thanks for tagging me! I'll have to remember to do this tagXD

  2. Thanks for tagging me! Now I have 2 tags to do. Oh boy, this will make a great post on my blog. XD
    Aww, I'm glad you like the drawing. :D

    1. XD 2 tags the charm!

      I totally do! Its amazing! :D