Monday, April 10, 2017

What I got from the shopping trip - Contest!

Hello Budgies of the world!!
Or People, Or Jammers, Or boys and girls, Or ladies and gentlemen, Or...
OK that's all I can think of :P

Today I'll show you guys my new stuff from my shopping trip! :)
Behold the stuff! XD

My big pile of Animal Jam. :P

And my barbie dolls I got :P

And this is one of the things I got that I'm pretty surprised I found 


Also, At the back of the box, It showed a new play set coming out!

The Beach House Den and Awesome Dashcheetah.

I'm super excited for this set! I love the look of it! and the cheetah is adorable! :)
No idea when this will be released, Or if it would be exclusive to a certain store, But I know it well be worth the wait! XD

Now onto the next part of this post...

I was thinking of hosting a contest, A very weird and unique contest. :P
I'm going to host... The dumbest fortune ever contest!!!  :D 

And no, I'm not joking about the contest topic :D And you may be wondering, Why this as the theme? Well I'll tell you!

Every time me and my family go to a Asian restaurant and get those fortune cookies, I always say how dumb it is!  XD I never get good fortunes, So now, I'm gonna host a contest To where you can make up your own terrible fortunes!  

Here are the rules.

NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE! Nothing mean and rude and no bad words! keep everything kid friendly!

NO COPYING! Everything most be your own, Don't use other people's entries and don't use fortunes you found on the Internet! 

NO CHEATING! You can only enter once! don't use other accounts!

Everyone can enter! all you have to do is comment down your fortune and AJ username!

Prizes! there will be three winners! here's what you could win!
1st place.

2nd place

 3rd place

Entries well be accepted April 10th though May 15th

I'm super excited to see all your creatively terrible fortunes!

Have fun! BYE!!


  1. OMG

    Here is mine XD
    Username: Sarahkey8

    You will become a Famous Jammer, and eat hairy brownies, and people will crowd you and ask for autographs and buddy request

    That was horrible XDDDDDDDDD

  2. Lemme try to come up with one... xD

    User: lostfairy
    Fortune: You will see a unicorn wearing a monocle and pirate sword today flying in the sky like a crazybird and you will realize Julian2 is actually a flying crazy unicorn.

    Okay. That was weird. XD And probably won't win. But that's ok. XD