Friday, April 7, 2017

New "Pick-an-animal" pictures - new promo items.

Hello everyone! :) How you doing today?

A few days ago, I was going to make a new Animal, And I noticed that some of the Animals pictures we're different, Here's what a few looked and what they now look like. ^-^

I think the new look is ADORABLE! That rhino is so cute! The seal is also cute! :D
The seal does look a little more detailed, And the snow leopards background is different, And if you look in the background of the rhinos, the tree is different.

Also has anyone seen these wandering around?

Credit to the Animal Jam wiki for the photos.

Well, If you're wondering where these came from, The stationary desk comes from the Deluxe stationery set.

And the Sweet poster comes from the exclusive code in the D.C Thomson's Sweet magazine.

I really like that desk! I'm like, I NEED IT!! MUST GET IT!! :P

Also, Tomorrow I'll be on a little shopping trip that I've been waiting six years for. :3 
Well, You may be asking, Six years? why that long, Or something like that. Well here's why.

In my family, My granny takes us on a special shopping trip that happens only when we turn 2 certain ages, So I'm finally gonna go on my 2nd! :D And for me that's pretty exciting on my opinion. c: And of course I'll look for Animal Jam things, And show my finds to you guys. :P 

Well that's all I got for today! See ya later!


  1. Oh nice! The new animal pictures are much better. Not as chunky and more cute! ^.^

    :O THAT DESK IS SO CUTTTTEEEE! Doubt I'll get it though because my account is literally glitched...

    Have fun on the shopping trip!! :D

  2. I kinda like the old ones better, because they were the original animal photos, but I dunno, I don't like change, so I'll probably like the new ones better in a few weeks..XD

    Oo! That stationary desk is super cool :D

    Hm, I've never seen Sweet magazine. Do you know where these are sold? Maybe Barnes & Noble?

    Aw, I hope you have a great time with your granny :D! That sounds like fun :)

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Most likely, I bet books-a-million has them too, Maybe any place that has a big magazine area. :)

  3. Tbh I don't really like the new ones...
    They seem to.. kiddish.. :P Ik AJ is a kids game, but lately they have been making everything look to kiddish :P (No offense AJHQ)

    Oh I saw those items XD