Friday, April 28, 2017

New AJ plush toys

Hello all you happy people out there!! 

Today I'm going to posting about some new AJ plush toys I've found on and Ebay. These plushies look alot different then the other ones that are been/being released, Here's what they look like.

 Quite different then the other ones. They look a little more.. Cheep? And they also don't seem to have a code included. They also have a string to hook them to something.. I'm not sure why, I personally like the dolphin best. There's also a Arctic Wolf plush, And I still haven't seen a deluxe Arctic Wolf plush, But I still believe its gonna come out sometime.
I like the other plushies they made. These one's just don't make me "I NEED IT!!" But I would get the dolphin. :)
What do you guys think of these plushies? What is the string hook for?

Also later today I will be receiving my Spring Animal Jam Box! So I'll be posting a review thing showing you just my opinions, The boxes design and what you get inside it!

I guess I'll be seeing you guys later, Bye!!

*UPDATE* The AJ box review is delayed for Tomorrow, Due to not arriving today like excepted. :(


  1. Hi Talloose! I just found your blog and it looks really fun so far. I can't wait to read more of your posts!

    Wow, I never knew AJ released those kinds of plushies! They look cool, but I do agree on what you said, they do look kinda cheaply-made. I like the dolphin as well.
    And, you're getting an AJ Box? That's so cool! :D

    1. Hello Purplestarclub! I'm glad you like my blog :) New readers are always welcome! :D

  2. The string is most likely to hang on your.. thing. But they are to hang somewhere XD

    But those look AWESOME! :D

    I want an AJ Box, but my parents would never let me :/ I can't wait to see the review!!

    1. It will hopefully arrive soon! I believe it will come today at some point unless its tomorrow! :O :D

      I still just wonder about that string XD