Sunday, April 23, 2017

I'm alive!! - Story - Contest date extended

:Me: Hello everyone!
:Random people: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?
:Me: Wandering around in my house.. Why?
:Me: Oooh, That.. Well I got a lot of reasons why..

OK, That was very strange.. :P

But I'm back! And I got some reasons why I haven't posted.

Well It's been Forgetfulness, Being lazy, Busyness, Time going by to fastness, A Storm and just hanging out with my sisters, Mom, and Dad. So I really hadn't had the time to post or just write that much in general.

And I noted "A storm" And Today I have a small story of that storm which was yesterday! :P
So here it is.

It was like 5:30? And Me and my older sisters we're all hanging out together, It was really stormy outside, And it got so bad the lights started to turn on and off.
So after a few rounds of the lights going out, They suddenly fully shut off, And we lost all the power in our house, And we we're just sitting there, Waiting to see if the lights would come back, But nope. They didn't, So then we went downstairs to find a flashlight and get this wind up radio we had for.. I don't know for how long, Hoping a weather forecast would turn up, And I don't think it did. So we sat upstairs awhile, and we got pretty hungry it was like 6:00/6:30 and we would normally be eating dinner then. So we went downstairs to see what we would do about dinner since the power was out. after deciding what we would do, We decided to go to the Zaxby's in town and eat there since they had power. On the way there, We saw loads of broken trees, a roofless shed, and this huge barn was destroyed! We might of even had a small tornado or something. We got to Zaxby's and ate, And just talked and were just being weird like asking if you rather turn into a Chicken or a Titan.. Don't ask XD. But my sister had a very fancy invincible Chicken instead of a normal one, So she would win over everything XD After all that weirdness, We went home Hoping the power would be back, And It wasn't. So my mom got a bunch of candles to light up, And we all gather some flashlights and torch lights. So then we all just sat around in the darkness, After awhile I just decided to go to bed, (Although I couldn't sleep until midnight) It was I think 11:00 (It's hard to take track of time when the powers out) And the power Finally came back!  And I felt quite relieved. :P

So that was the story of yesterday afternoon :D Hope you enjoyed. :P

I'll also be extending the date of my "Worst fortune ever" contest 
(PS: They don't just have to be AJ related) The contest will now end May 15th and I'll hopefully then have more then two entries. :) Here's the link! Just go near the bottom of the post to for more info! 

Well I'll be seeing you guys soon, But I got Titan slaying to do XD. Bye! :D


  1. I hate it when the lights blink :P Because you go onto the computer then it turns off, and goes back on, then you turned your computer back on, and it blinks again, but I really like it when the power goes off XDDD