Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tips for trading art.

Hello everyone and everybudgie!

Today I'll be posting about tips for trading your art! these tips and very simple and are great for people who love art and love trading! 

Tip number 1.  Art rating.

Art rating is having people go to your den and rate your art, this is actually pretty helpful for 
trading your art, here's why.

When you host your art rating, people will go to your den knowing that they should rate it, and they usually send you jam-a-grams on their opinions on which art is best, so if a lot people like one masterpiece better then the others, then that's the best one for trading due to being most popular and this gives you a higher chance of better items or getting the items you want.

Tip number 2. Attractions.

Attractions can play a big part in the whole process of trading art and hosting art ratings. here's some tips on getting better chance for a bigger audience, But don't be determined that this will always work, or work instantly.

1. Verses.

You will always need a verse when hosting something, and it's always good to change them up after awhile, also its good to sound happy, nice and polite and not to sound desperate, make sure you sound OK when not a lot of people are going to your den, don't act angry. here's a few verses for art ratings.

"Come rate my art in my den, everyone is welcome"
"Come rate my art in my den, everybody is welcome"
"Come rate my in my den, all are welcome"
"Come rate my art in my den, everybody is welcome to come and visit"
"Come rate my art in my den, all are welcome to come and visit"

2. Servers.

You'll always need good server for the best audience, most people go for the big full servers like Aldan because it has the most people in it and then I'll have more visitors. WRONG!
The best of luck can actually come from more empty servers! 
here's some tips for having a good amount of people in you den while not being in a full server!

3. Only person hosting.

When you go to a server, its best that your the only person hosting a event, since people may think that they should to your event since no one else is hosting one, and if you still have people hosting events too, make sure to find a sever where you the only one hosting  a art-themed event.

4. Changing animals and actions.

Changing your animals is actually kinda helpful, sometimes i have better luck with different animals, also  its best that once you go into a different server change your  animal so it seems your a little different every time you host something, also to seem a little more active, you can change your actions, don't just do the dance motion.

3. Stand out.

Its always good to be different, and also be you, don't just be like everyone else. 
do your event your way, the more unique the better. :)

I hope you guys enjoy these tips! and don't be afraid to do your's differently!

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