Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The life of Parakeets-AJ tag.

Hiya everybudgie! :P

In today's post I'm going to post some of the cutest photos you may ever witness....
Photos of the amazing...
The adorable...
The incredible...
The wonderful...
The intelligent...
The magical....


OK, No, This is not what I was about to say. I was gonna say...


And yes, Those are all Percy. :P

The next photos are not Percy, I need to make one though!
OK, You may now see the photos. :)

All these photos below are not mine, I'm not sure who made them But, I give credit to them!

Too cute right? :') I gotta see if I can make one with Percy. 
I personally like the piano one the best, It's adorable and kinda funny too. But the one at the beach is also adorable. I love beaches. :P

Also I found a tag that sounded fun to do, So why not do it now?
This tag is by, Princessbg. And is a normal AJ themed tag. :)

1. How many buddies do you have. (including IRL)?

I have 7 buddies, 3 of them I know in real life, My sister and these too girls, But we haven't seen them in awhile and they don't go online very much. Also, I have 2 storage's. I'm buddies with AJHQ. And I got asked to be buddies with Sarahkey8 today, I never really budded anyone. But I felt like losing up a little. :) 

2. What is your main look?

My cute little seal, Fluffy Kawaiseal. Fact: The seal was my first animal in AJ, And was based of a old seal plush of mine that I called, Kiwi.

3. Were you ever included in some bad drama? If so, Tell us!

To be honest, Everyone has always in a drama of some type, But I rather not talk about any.

4. What computer are you using right now?

A laptop. :P I like laptops, Tiny ones are so cute! X3

5. Who is your favorite blogger?

Oh wow, That question is impossible to answer! Everyone is so wonderful!

6. How many rares do you have?

like rare-rares? or items that are rare without a rare tag? :P
Well, I have 26 items with a rare tag, unless I include my storage's.

7. How much do you care about rares?

Not very much, I do enjoy having them and collecting them.

8. would you rather get hacked all your rares or quit AJ?

I would hate to have to choose one. :

9. In all the years you've played AJ, Who is the meanest jammer?

I can't really say. But I really hate it when people sell in-game items though.

10. What is a feature you want to come back?

I'm not really sure if there's anything I want to make a come-back.

And that's the tag! :D

Well that's all for today! See ya next time!

What was your favorite Parakeet photo?


  1. Oh my gosh
    PERCY IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like Percy and the striped parrakeet.
    I have like 56 or so buddies
    I am gorgeous gentlejoy and I'm a panda
    I've seen drama
    I want a laptop but I'm on an iPad
    I like this blogger
    1 or 2 rares
    Not too much
    Hacked rares cuz I barely have any!
    I forgot the meanest jammers name tho :(
    I want pandas back cuz if I be a member I get mor than one!