Friday, March 10, 2017

spring box theory.

Helloooo everyone! Hows your day going? :P
Well so far, I'm kinda tired.. yeah, pretty much I'm just tired..
and I'm gonna tell you guys why... for no reason. :D

Well, yesterday was a very nice day, actually really nice, and I'm talking about the weather, nothing exciting happens in my life. XD  so the whole day was good, until ONE IN THE MORNING!!! ):C there was a Huge storm, HUGE! and every time I fell asleep I get woken up all over again! ):C So that is why I'm tired....

Anyways, today's is about this small theory that I'm just about positive is right, actually I am positive this is right, do you guys remember this photo I showed with some new figures in it, and one of them was a owl, and the 2017 Animal jam box for spring has birds as its theme, so I believe that this box is gonna have the owl figure included, there's no pictures of what the box looks like or what it comes with other then its bird themed and this...

A owl charm bracelet, kinda like the arctic wolf one form the winter box, I'm guessing that in every box there gonna include a charm bracelet, kinda like in the pusheen box they also include a figure to match the theme, interesting huh? 

That's it for today, thanks for reading!

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