Thursday, March 23, 2017

Something new..

Hello everyone! :D

Today I've been thinking about something...
Actually since yesterday I've been thinking about something......
And I think this will be pretty fun....
Its an idea... A pretty good idea....
Here's my pretty-fun-good idea...

An art commission!!!

I really do like this idea! :D Lately I've just been obsessed with drawing AJ animals as humans, and I've actually sent two people their main animal as a human as a surprise.. And I super enjoyed making them.. So why not do a commission for it!?!

Also here's what they looked like.

 This is the art style I'll be doing for my commission, I personally quite like it :P

Art commission rules.

All masterpieces sent are one-of-a-kind, This means there will not be another one in the game.

The masterpiece will take time to be created, Don't expect it to be made immediately 

All masterpiece's are free! no payback needed! :D It makes me happy to make them, and that's all I need in return. :)

How to order.

all you need to do is answer these questions in the comments to receive your art!


boy or girl.

Name of animal you want me to draw, I need to use that for a reference to make the character look like them.

Non-member or member. If non member, I'll meet up with you and trade the masterpiece to you for something unwanted or a necklace, if member, I'll gift it too you.

And that's all I'll need to create the masterpiece for you! 

I'm very excited to start drawing your animals! :D
I'll also be adding a tab for this so it will all be in one place!

Well that's for today, Bye!


  1. Awww, thanks sooooo much for the masterpiece!!!! I love it!!!! ^.^