Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Some new things.

Hi guys!!! :D
Can't you believe its almost Happy lucky clover month!?! which is less then 24 hours from now! That's amazing right? :P Anyways, AJHQ has been releasing two spring items in the diamond shop for 6 days, and out of all the items besides tomorrows, I think today's two items are the best yet!

"Hallelujah song plays"
:O I just can't put this into words. but here's a sound clip that might.

XD It was from one of the AJ toy stop motion videos and I have this old DS that has a sound clip thingy and I made it sound VERY slow. XD and no, today is also not my birthday. :P
Also since we're on the "items" topic, I still haven't heard anything from AJHQ about my promo ring :L 
Also check out these new Animal Jam activity books! :D

Pretty snazzy huh? these are so far only available for pre-order on the UK amazon website, But I super hope these will be for the US as well. c:
That's all I got for today, see ya next time!

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