Thursday, March 16, 2017

My AJ tag.

Hi everyone!  ^-^  I love that face! XD

Today or rather tonight (its night time where i'm at) I'll be posting my first ever tag made by myself! :D I thought I should since I've done other tags and I always enjoyed stuff like quizzes it seems right I make my own c:

Without further ado, Let me present to you the one and only, sorta one of a kind... AJ tag by me!!! XD 

Tada!!! Isn't it lovely? :) And I'll now be answering my lovely.. Tag thingy.

1. How many AJ toys do you have? 

Hmm... I'll have to check, one sec.. ( goes upstairs to room, grabs piece of paper, looks at shelf, counts stuff, writes it on a piece of paper, runs back downstairs)
Lets see, Four play sets...Ten figures...Twenty-one pets... That adds up too...  Thirty-five but it's really just  twenty-two unless I separate everything. :D

2. If you could create your own custom item on AJ, What would you make?

Probably a mermaid tail, or a demon one would also be cool, but I don't think either of those would happen, Darn those pet goats and snow leopards getting cool items.  :P

3. What is your favorite store in all of Jamma?

Ehh, Probably the good old Jam-Mart clothing and furniture.

4. What do you wish was an animal in AJ?

The adorable Budgies!.. actually that be kinda weird.. that would be better for a pet, I think Tasmanian Devils would be cute! or how about Walruses? :D

5. Whats your all-time favorite plushie in AJ?

I love that cute green seal plush with the red baseball cap, But I also love my promo penguin and monkey plush. c:

6. What is your favorite adventure in AJ?

Lucky clovers! although I also love The Great Escape.

That's my tag! I hope all you people of the world like it! XD
Anyone is free to do this tag! in a video or a blog post or just do it for your own entertainment! :D