Friday, March 3, 2017

Even more AJ merchandise.

Hello, Sawubona, Hei, Halo, Bongu and Kamusta! :D
Those all meant "Hello" in a bunch of different languages just to give these post a nice touch. :P
Well I was searching Ebay, when I found some more AJ themed merchandise, This is what iv'e discovered. :P

A puzzle and a beach towel, I kinda like em' actually, C:
So, lets gather up all my pictures of what iv'e found and see all this new merchandise AJ been making, or rather, partnering with others to have them manufactured.

Oh my, That's alot.
I mostly think they should just stick with the toys, but I guess they have to go all-out 8o
I still think they should of just made some socks. but eh, maybe sometime. I hope they'ed be a men size... Yeah, I hope big feat.. D: and They probably would just be Little kids size... NOO! Xd OK, enough about AJ socks. Also, just to let you guys know.. AJHQ support team is terrible. 😉 chow! 

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