Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Den item sets.

Hello everyone, Meep meep.

First of all, sorry for not posting yesterday "again" but I was busy..........Taking chickens to the vet.... ,:D And yes, Chickens can go to the vet too
Anyways, Today's post is going to be about "Den items sets"
Den items sets was a small series of contests that began on July 2014 and ended August 2015 and were featured in the Jamma Journal for Jammers to vote on, and which ever held the most votes would be sold in Jam Mart Furniture, Here's the sets!

The very first den item contest, in this contest you were able to vote on..
The Icecream Parlor. (1st place)
Egyptian Treasure. (2nd place)
 The Hair Salon. (3rd place)
The Egyptian and Hair Salon sets both made a return quite a few months ago, but the Icecream Parlor has never made a return.

The 2nd den item set held the...
Pizza Parlor. (1st place)
Painters Studio. (2nd place)
Deep Space. (3rd place)
The Painters Studio made a return not too long ago, first when the Paint Studio got a shop, and then when the Masterpiece Party was released. 

Den item set number 3 held the...
Mechanical Future. (1st place)
Sand Castle. (2nd place)
Excavation Site. (3rd place)
None of these sets made a re-release.

And the very last set had the selection of...
Glitchy Gear. (1st place)
Movie Theater. (2nd place)
Steampunk Parlor. (3rd place)
Once the Movie Theater set was released, they were not placed in Jam Mart Furniture, instead they got placed in the theater shop the Serapia Theaters lobby, and are still available to purchase.

My favorite sets are the Icecream Parlor and the Pizza Parlor, I wish they'd come back. :L
Well that's it for today, see ya when even I post again :P


  1. Nice post!! Also do you know any famous jammers like pizzadrop, Moosab, taliya or menifrost??? they're beta right???

    - wolfie

    1. Thank you! but, No I don't, I don't have any knowledge of youtubers, Sorry.