Monday, March 27, 2017

A look at Home screens.

HI everyone! 

In today's post, You well get to see all the different Animal jam home screens.
Every website has a home screen. I have a home screen, you have a home screen, We all got a home screen! :P 

The 1st AJ home screen. 

This home screen has a very simple look to it, Though it suites the game so well.
Its just really gives the Nature-like look, And also a beta look.

2nd and 3rd home screens.

I'm not very sure which came first, But they both have a similar look. It all depends if you prefer water or land, I think the water one is better, how about you?

4th and 5th home screens.

These home screens lasted along time, Mostly the top one, I personally like the Jamaaliday one better, It's really cute!    ^-^   And of course, We have the newest home screen looks.

The newer home screens are much more bright and cheerful, I like the newest ones best, although you can't go wrong with the originals. 

And that's it! :) Whats your favorite one?

I also wanted to say, Sorry for this post being so very small, I just didn't have any ideas for a post, Hopefully I'll make a better one soon :) To finish this post off, here's an adorable picture of a Parakeet. :D

Bye! C:


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    1. I know right! XD There's actually more of them, I think i'll post them sometime! :D