Sunday, February 26, 2017

Weird AJ memories

Hello my fellow budgies! :P
Today i'll be telling you about some very funny, but weird memories c:
these are some of the best times I had on animal jam, and also with my older sister :D
So enjoy these very strange stories!

The burping panda

one day me and my sister we're on our "storage accounts" and where in a full pillow room
my sister had a storage account with the name of...
Here's a photo of the account. XD

Yeah, you can kinda already tell this is gonna be weird, 
so when we where in the pillow room she started "Burping" in everyone's faces! and yes people where annoyed, and also where saying "EWE!" but there was this one arctic wolf that was burping along with her! XD it was so funny! 
But wait! there's more! XD
So after the pillow room, we went to jamma township and starting burping again, but there was this bunny that was in love with "burping panda" XD and she said he was cute! and everyone was grossed out! 😆

Disco zombie tribe.
It all started at the pillow room, one day me and my sister where watching all the drama, and we and invented this classy dance, called "the disco zombie"
here's how you do the "disco zombie"
Anyways, so we we're obsessed with our "disco zombie' theme we decided to go and make a tribe.
So we went to jamma township and jumped around on the bridge and said things like "we're the disco zombies"
"disco rules" ect.... and our club got very big, and we we're having lots of fun! but later on there was this tiger that looked like a pizza and it was saying "pizza is cooler" and was being rude, and then everyone left, and our fun was ruined. :C

The diva wolf.

Once again this starts at a pillow room, so my sister was on her storage account. and she was this really girly looking wolf, and she was saying how smelly it was in the pillow room and was saying she needs perfume and smell-good XD And everyone was very annoyed but for us it was super funny, but later on there's this arctic wolf that's starts to poop on everything, and she was kept getting pooped on. XD

The concert at shadow22726's den.

Well, if your're all wondering who this is. its a person I know IRL :D
So she and her sister was online and so was me and my sister. and I was on my storage account, and I was this vary wired looking wolf, So I went to her den and she was there. I started dancing and "singing" this vary annoying barbie song. XD It was super fun. so a few days after. we all met up and asked if she say the wolf in her den, sadly she didn't. But I still had a blast having a karaoke! :D
Here is the song I "sang" XD 

And now the vary last story.....

The burp-day.

Me, my sister, cutecupcake26784 and her sister, shadow27726 we're all playing animal jam, and I went to shadows den, and i started to dance, and then I brought my storage accounts to her den. I made them all dance, and then me and the other me's started to be crazy and acted like it was a party. so after awhile shadow went to her den, and I made my storage account act like they wore her biggest fans XD and we all said..
"Happy burp-day!" XD It was crazy! and I made my storage's all "burp" XD
Later on, I asked cutecupcake if she was surprised, and she was! :D

There they are! all my wacky Animal Jam stories that I've never forgotten! :D
I hoped you all enjoyed these stories and feel free to comment your favorites!