Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Small delivery.

Hello my viewers :D
In my morning post I said I was going to receive a small delivery today,
So i'm now gonna post what my "small delivery" is.
The twinkle panda toy! :D
Here it is halfway out of the package
Out of the box
and with the special ring shining on him
I think its quite cute, but he looks a little filthy, and has these small spots I can hopefully wash off, But my code seemed to have these big bump on it covering up the code, and some of the code is halfway removed while the vary first letter/number is gone. I've tried many times but it doesn't seem to work, I only seem to get the security check. :C So it seems I wont be receiving my promo ring. :'C Im kinda sad about that, but maybe AJHQ will figure out what to do. So, I'll probably rate this 4/5 Unless I can get my ring, then 5/5 c:
Well that's all I got today! but i'll keep you posted on my promo ring problem. :D

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