Monday, February 27, 2017

My AJ paper drawings!

Hi guys! C: 
Today I just couldn't get the perfect idea for a post, I thought and thought some more, Until I found out what i'll post about, my drawings on paper! :D I should of thought of this before!
So here's my lovely artwork c:

my main AJ animal! C:

A arctic wolf!
Another arctic wolf, I'm very proud of this one!
A cute yellow falcon! It makes me think of yellow parakeets. :P
Some more arctic wolves, I like to draw those. 

A deer! :3
Another falcon.
 A little green sheep! I love sheep c:
And a blue otter!

There you have it! my AJ animal drawings on paper! :D
I also have a few Monster High drawings which I may post later!
 But for now, Bye guys!

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