Thursday, February 23, 2017

Luke the cockatiel

Guten morgen mitmenschen! 😀
If you don't know what I said and want to know, I said, Good morning fellow people in German! 😁
Well actually I should of said "Good morning fellow people, And budgies" but I guess that works.
Today i'll talk about....Cockatiel's, Yup not budgies 😕
Actually my older sister has a Cockatiel  his name is Luke, but "he" is possibly a "she"
Anyways here is a picture of Luke. 😊

Hehe, he looks funny in that one! XD

OK, much better! c:
Here's some sound clips of his squeaks, or.. screams.

There they are XD I like number 3 best, what one you like best? :3
And i'll now be adding a "Luke the Cockatiel" page! so you can view more pics and clips :D
And of course ill add something to the others too!
Well that's all for now see ya later! 😀

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