Friday, February 24, 2017

AnimalJammer330's AJ tag!

Hello people that read this blog if anyone! :D
today i'll be doing a AJ tag I found by AnimalJammer330! and you can never go wrong with a tag! 😀

1. What's the meaning behind your Animal Jam username?
  Its named after my cat that went missing along time ago, and we never saw Him again He was the best cat in the whole world.

2. How did you find Animal Jam?   Me and my mom where searching for a online game I could play.

3. When did you start playing Animal Jam? 
In the fall of 2011

4. What was your first rare?
I really don't remember.

5. What's your favorite den and clothing item?
Den item: Masterpieces 
Clothing item: Leg armor 

6. What is one thing you wish you could change about Animal Jam?
Umm, actually nothing! c:

7. What's your favorite memory on Animal Jam?

Hmm, maybe when me and my older sister where in the pillow room and we were being really wired and She was burping in everyone's faces XD and there was also this arctic wolf that was burping too! 😝 or maybe when me and her where in the pillow room again but this time she was a wolf that was a diva and she would say its super smelly and needs perfume! 😂
8. Who are your best buddies on Animal Jam?
I don't have any buddies really, but I'm happy that way.c:

9. Is there anyone you hate on Animal Jam?
Haters, scammers, hackers, all that stuff.):c

10. Have you ever been scammed, and if so, what did they scam?
This was along time ago but it was some of my rare item Mondays.

11. Do you have any plaques, and which kind?
2 Artist plagues, 1 howl plaque and 1 online safety plaque.

12. What's your favorite Animal Jam emoji?
The ice cream one or maybe the one with the tongue stuck out.

13. What's your rarest item?
 Rare item Monday headdress, maybe?

14. What's your Animal Jam pet peeve?
I'm not very sure.

15. How many gems & diamonds do you have?
100,387 gems and 3 diamonds

16. Who's your favorite Animal Jam Youtuber?
I don't watch Youtube and I don't like youtube because that's alot of inappropriate stuff on it, and i don't even care for AJ youtubers, I also find them vary annoying and how everyone thinks there so grate and you can't get away from someone going crazy over them. :L

17. What's the best gift you ever received on Animal Jam?
My rarest would be a long spike wrist, but my favorite is when I get my masterpieces approved 

18. Who do you wish was your buddy?

19. Why do you play Animal Jam?
I could name over 100,000 reasons way :D

20. When do you think you will stop playing animal jam?
I hate to even think of quitting! :O

Well there you have it! feel free to answer these questions too!

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  1. Awesome blog, Talloose! It's off to a great start. And I agree, people do get way too crazy over AJ YouTubers. XD