Saturday, February 25, 2017

A random post.

Hi jammers! :D  
Today I just felt like posting a few random things :P
Well, here's my first random thing.
yesterday AJHQ gave us a tiny update saying "spring has came early"
and they announced that there'll be two new spring items in the diamond shop for a week, and one will be a new item while the other a popular item, and here's what was yesterdays.

credit to the Animal Jam Whip for the image!
I love that spring flower braid!

And here's today's spring items!

Love the bow! and the bow is actually a item on AJ playwild first! :D
Now onto the next part of randomness! :D
Awhile ago Wildworks has partnered with more companies  to make more AJ themed products, and one of them was board games and puzzles, and here's the first image I was able to find on that subject.
Animal Jam is getting a Monoply game! :O
and now onto the last part of this post, a random masterpiece of mine that you may or may not recognize.
 Getting anything? well if you want to know what it is its my teeny tiny blog favicon!
 yea.. that image is very tiny. hehe.
well that's all i'll post for now but I might later! Thanks for reading!

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