Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A few more drawings.

!Elpoep yppah uoy lla olleh :D
 :random person: Um, you need to work on your grammar.. :I
:me: !ton od I
:random person: ugh, whatever! Its like your speaking backwards or something :L
:me: see, you do know what i'm saying! :D

Well that was weird.
So, today I'll be posting some of my Monster high themed drawings! c: I was going to post them yesterday but I didn't so i thought I could post them on my morning post! c:
In that case, here are my pictures!

There they are! c: I have to admit, that I quite enjoyed drawing these :P
Well that's all I got for now, but I promise i'll do a later post, since i'm expecting a package today :D Bye!


  1. Nice pictures! I wish I could draw good XD

    1. Thank you! C: I'm sure your good at art, it does also take loads of practice! :D