Monday, September 17, 2018

He is okay! 8')

Percy will be okay! I'm so thankful, we took him to the vet and he just seemed to be very stressed, Causing him to not eat much, and be less active, and also he seemed to have an upset stomach. So he told us to feed him some yogert, and he should be better within the next day or so! I was So worried about him, but I'm glad he doesn't have a infection or something, and right now is talking and being much more active then this morning. :') President percy shall live on!

Oh no

Guys i m sorry for abandoning this blog but percy isn't acting like hisself... We aren't sure what's wrong but we'll be taking him to the vet.. Please pray from him... I don't know what id do without him.. And we already lost our dog and my sister's cat earlier this year... So please pray for sweet pips! 8'( 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Just going on about anything..(More Unreleased AJ Toys)

Hello hello everyone!

I have decided to post because why not?

Yeah I know, I haven't posted in forever. Of course, But the thing is about this blog is that, I really don't want to feel like I have to post, I like the feeling of when I have a post idea or just feel like typing on a keyboard, I have a place to do so and also where other people can hear my opinions and thoughts. It's nice to have a place I can just go on about anything that's on my mind and stuff, So Don't ever expect me to post like 5 posts in a week or somethin.. Because I don't think that would be likely of me to do so. XD

Soooo let's just start with me taking about random things. :3

So here's something I found pretty cool...

So a while back, I found the Adopt A Pet Spring Cottages, And my mom got me one,  and one day, I was just playing around with the Light Up Ring things, I shined the light on the pet I got, And a little clover showed up on its face!

It's pretty cool! And it's weird because it was never mentioned on anything, I wonder if the rarer they are, the more marks they get, or it could be the same, Just a different design, Because my llama is a rare and it has the clover.. I need more so I can find out. XD

I guess next I'll show this random experience on AJ. :P I took screen shots of it, So why not?

Okay so before dinner, I went onto AJ, And literally as soon as I logged on, Two Jammers went to my den, And my first thought was "Am I on Epic Dens again!?!" Nope.. This is what happened.

Me: Hi..?

Kj: hello

21bird: can I have a pet mouse

Me: I'm sorry no..

21bird: I always wanted one

Me: I don't trade promos

21bird: But you have too

Me: Why?

Now this is an interesting part..

Kj: Lol she be like NOPE

Really.. -_-

Me: Uh

21bird: Because it is my dream to have a pet mouse on Animal Jam

Me: I need to leave and eat dinner

Kj: Hah

Me: I'm sorry but no

21bird: Ok

Me I'm sure someone else will trade you

21bird: No they won"t


21bird: OK bye

Me: Bye and sorry about that

Well there wore those random few minutes of my life, Now the last thing I wanted to talk about is some AJ toy news.

So last year images wore posted about an AJ fox plush coming out, But it was never seen in stores, Landed on, But was never in stock, And the only places I was able to find it was on these 2 international online stores for 20$ each, But a few months ago I thought they wore being released, Because one day while browsing Amazon, I saw the fox and dolphin plushies on prime for 20$ each, And I was so excited, But only a day or so later the listings wore removed.

So not too long ago, I Went on a big search for new AJ Toy images and listings, And I came across this....

Credit to Mini Toy Love


This video was posted on 6/27/18..

And they said the plush was found at a closing Toys "R" Us...

You know what I did...

I screamed in rage...

Because I reach search these things all the time, And I look at a lot of sites...

But only recently I found this video that was posted in June.. 

But most of all.. I screamed because it was at Toys "R" Us...

And it was never online, Never seen in a store..

And when Toys "R" Us closes is when people find them and the plush end up actually existing....

Why.. Just Why..

But, Rotten ol' Amazon has seemed to put the listing up again, At a price of 15.99, So maybe just maybe it will stay this time and actually show up in stores that are open... ):L

So now the newer stuff..

So that same day, I had the idea of looking though the hashtag #AnimalJamtoys on Instagram to see what I could find, Because Google Images do not show things linked to Instagram.. Which I find pretty annoying. But anyway,  As I was scrolling though, I didn't see anything until I saw a post from the official Spanish AJ Instagram account page thingy and this is what I found..

An Owl figure, Not the Gem Squad one or the Original unreleased one, And this wasn't all of them..


A whole multi pack of figures with all new colors and patterns and three of the newer molds, But I was surprised that no one else posted something about these or owned them, What made me think that  is because these images wore posted on 8/1/17...

So I noticed it had lot of weird hashtags in between some words, And I don't know Spanish...  So I had to relay on crummy Google Translate to help.. But it actually worked this time, So I guess it knows Spanish well, Unlike everything else I've tried. XP

Here's the Translation to English.

So all the Hashtags seemed to be stores! So of course I looked up every single one, But It wasn't to be found, And almost all of them didn't have any AJ Toys at all. So I guess it was never released. I thought that I discovered where all the unreleased toys were hiding, But nope, I just added another to the missing list. XC

So I guess that's the end for this post! I hope you weren't board to death. :p
My Summer 2018 AJ Box is set to arrive the sixth, So we'll see if I actually make the post that same week. Or if it evens arrives that day, I hope it does because I really miss looking at the Daily Explorer, It's been a long time, Or at least feels that way since I've viewed any of AJ's social media things.. But hopefully this box will be really good or have a lot of items.. because AJHQ really want's to spoil the boxes months before you get them.. And I've already seen four spoilers so far... Which is better then last time because I knew everything that came in the last box.. So I'm gonna have to try even harder next time so I'm spoiler free! XD I mean.. AJ It's a surprise box.. Yet you shove it in our faces what's inside before you get one, I could understand after most of the boxes been shipped, And they can show everything included later on when trying to get rid some leftover boxes after some of the older subscribers receive theirs.. I dunno I just find it annoying.

Well I better go before I keep rambling about how annoying spoilers are..

Fly away my little Budgies!

And just because, Here's a picture of Percy when he would be probably about 8 weeks old. X3

Monday, June 4, 2018


If your wondering why my blog looks weird, it's because I was changing the background and stuff and I'm to lazy to finish it.. I'll get to it maybe tomorrow or somethin...

~A lazy Talloose

Friday, May 18, 2018

Animal Jam Box Review: Spring 2018

Hii! :D

Looky me! I'm fulfilling my promise again.. 

Ain't I great?!.. XD 

So finally, I'm forcing myself to write this box review XD, All day my mind was saying "Talloose, You need to write this post!"  Or in the more unproductive area of me' Brain.. "MUST READ AOT MANGA!!" Yeah.. XD Me and my sisters have our little AOT book club. X3 The Manga is AMAZING!

I should just get one with the review before I start blabbering About Titans.. And Eren's.. and all those wonderful magical things that life has to offer.. XD Because I can talk about this stuff for..

(Random Person) TALLOOSE JUST STOP! AND DON'T EVER SAY ANY OF THOSE THINGS AGAIN!! This is not what people came here to read! Now don't even mention the TARDIS..

Okay okay!.. Wait.. SAY WHAT?! XD

(Random Person) Oh good grief.. 

Alright I'm done! XD Because I'm totally not holding it in.. Totally not! Why would I ever do that?! ,:D 

Lets just get on with the review, Like nothing above this sentence ever happened. 

So this AJ Box is themed around the little emotes in the game, I'm honestly pretty interested that they choose just a little in-game feature and made a whole box of merchandise out of it! :D Sure it has really nothing to do with the game, Or rather animals, But I like that this box is totally different from the past ones, Other then the Phantom box, And it's nice that you can get different merchandise, While still corresponding within game. So I can't wait to see what else they'll come up with! 

So lets start with looking at the design of the box.

I really like it! I like the simplicity of it, Yet it has that special touch, I kinda looks, Comic booky maybe? I dunno, But it's really neat with all the little emotes in the background with the single big one up front.

I forgot to take a picture of all the stuff packed together.. Oops.. DX

So here's the card, Showing everything you get inside the box.

 And our first item is the Emote Tote!

I really like the colors of this bag, It has a yellow emote print with some blue, And it comes with two fuzzy Velcro emote patches, There's a little patch of Velcro in the center of the bag and you can place the patches on it, You can only place one at a time, But I've managed to squeeze them both on there. And on the other side there's a printed Animal Jam Logo, Which I forgot to show. 

Next is the double sided Emote Plush!

I think the double sided feature is really cool!  :D And the plush is sooo soft.. And the Evil Emote is red instated of yellow, I actually like it red, It makes it more stand out from the Goofy Emote, And it's pretty big, The size of the Phantom Plush.
The Goofy Emote is soo cute! X3 I'ts one of my favorite emotes, And I'm really happy they choose it for the plush!

Now onto the Emote Planter!

The planter is really nice! It's glass, And the planter is a nice size, fits in your hand. And It's really cute! It's the Happy Emote, Although, There's something different about it, In the game, The Happy Emote eyes are closed, But on the planter their open. Interesting. :P

All The Feels Shirt.

I really like this shirt, Although the saying is kinda.. Ehh.. Dumb, But that's just my opinion, Other then that it might be my favorite shirt so far! I noticed that there's only one emote that isn't in game, Or just rumored to be exclusive to popular AJ Youtubers, Is the sick emote with the thermometer. Other then that every emote on the shirt you can use. :3 Well some require membership but you know. :P

Evil Emote Charm.

Sorry that the picture is kinda blurry..

So this boxes charm is a yellow version of the Evil Emote! It seems AJ really likes this emote.. XD

And our last item is the in game code. :3 I love it when they make the codes look like business cards.. XD


And our exclusive items are...

Laughing Emote

Sad Emote

Angry Emote

Happy Emote

Here's what they look like in a den..

Their... Interesting..? I was kinda hoping for something was wasn't a giant head on a stick.. :P Their okay I guess, I was just expecting something else.

So that was the Animal Jam Spring 2018 Box! I would say that this is a pretty good box, You get some nice items to add to your  AJ collection! Especially if you want unique AJ Merchandise, I recommend checking out this box before they sell out!

I hope you enjoyed my review, And until next time..


What is your favorite AJ box so far?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Just blabbering


So I've been quite tried lately, I know I need to post, especially the box review.. I really need to do it, but I'm just not in the mood, I'm still getting over our beach trip, (which I'll tell you about soon!) A week of cleaning our house, and my granny being here for a week.. And I need to work on my mother's day present, maybe this week (that starts tomorrow) I'll make the posts.. If I can even have the strength to make myself to it... XD though I did do something today.. I made my doll a mermaid comforter, That's about it.  Well I need to start doing something productive, bye. :z

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tavie The Not So Alpha


Look! I actually did it! I said I'd make a post early and schedule it for this week! I'm very proud of myself... :3....

Yeahh... I'm totally not writing this right now.. I mean, Why would I ever fail to follow my own plans?!.. Heheheh.... Yeah.

Okay so I'm just gonna get to the post, Orr...


That was totally random.. But I really just want to randomly start squealing.. XD

So today's post will be about this very weird experience on I had on AJ .. A couple months ago.. XD

So I went to this fashion show, And there was only me, And two other people left, And the theme was Alpha, So you know, Liza, Greely, Peck.. Those guys. :P

And I'm just gonna let these Screenshots tell more of the story..

Aid1212: I'm Greely

Abcdd0: Ok out is blue wolf sorry you did good

Talloose: Tavie the dolphin :3

Peabody1: What!!!!

Aid1212: me

And this is where it get's really.. Funny.. XD

Peabody1: Look at loose

Peabody1: She is no one

Peabody1: This is so unfair

I know! I think the real Greely just stepped into this Jammers den! XD

Sassy Greely.. XD

Pokemon..? XD I don't play Pokemon or watch the anime.. So I just had to search on google.. XD Heheh. Not the first time that happened.

I lost some screen shots or something, Because now we skipped to a different theme, It was like marine life or something, And I did a rooster fish. :P The other person did a sea turtle, And they lost so now their crying, At least that's what I'm going by and remember.

So I won, And I said I didn't want the prize, Since I like doing it just for the fun, So It went to the turtle and I left, So remember kids, Don't mistake Tavie as an alpha.. XD 

The End.

So that was my weird fashion show experience! XD It sure was somethin...

I hope you liked this small post, And hopefully the AJ Spring Box will be here when I get back from our trip to the beach! It's been forever since we went to the beach in worm weather! It's always some family thing in January.. And it was only twice and like a four year gap..


Well I better sign off, It's about an hour till we leave, Then tomorrow will be a whole day of me, My dolls, And all the beachy glory.. XD So if you like dolls and beaches.. Budgie Photographers will be stuffed with it.. XD

Okay, Bye my budgies before I go beach crazy again! X3