Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tavie The Not So Alpha


Look! I actually did it! I said I'd make a post early and schedule it for this week! I'm very proud of myself... :3....

Yeahh... I'm totally not writing this right now.. I mean, Why would I ever fail to follow my own plans?!.. Heheheh.... Yeah.

Okay so I'm just gonna get to the post, Orr...


That was totally random.. But I really just want to randomly start squealing.. XD

So today's post will be about this very weird experience on I had on AJ .. A couple months ago.. XD

So I went to this fashion show, And there was only me, And two other people left, And the theme was Alpha, So you know, Liza, Greely, Peck.. Those guys. :P

And I'm just gonna let these Screenshots tell more of the story..

Aid1212: I'm Greely

Abcdd0: Ok out is blue wolf sorry you did good

Talloose: Tavie the dolphin :3

Peabody1: What!!!!

Aid1212: me

And this is where it get's really.. Funny.. XD

Peabody1: Look at loose

Peabody1: She is no one

Peabody1: This is so unfair

I know! I think the real Greely just stepped into this Jammers den! XD

Sassy Greely.. XD

Pokemon..? XD I don't play Pokemon or watch the anime.. So I just had to search on google.. XD Heheh. Not the first time that happened.

I lost some screen shots or something, Because now we skipped to a different theme, It was like marine life or something, And I did a rooster fish. :P The other person did a sea turtle, And they lost so now their crying, At least that's what I'm going by and remember.

So I won, And I said I didn't want the prize, Since I like doing it just for the fun, So It went to the turtle and I left, So remember kids, Don't mistake Tavie as an alpha.. XD 

The End.

So that was my weird fashion show experience! XD It sure was somethin...

I hope you liked this small post, And hopefully the AJ Spring Box will be here when I get back from our trip to the beach! It's been forever since we went to the beach in worm weather! It's always some family thing in January.. And it was only twice and like a four year gap..


Well I better sign off, It's about an hour till we leave, Then tomorrow will be a whole day of me, My dolls, And all the beachy glory.. XD So if you like dolls and beaches.. Budgie Photographers will be stuffed with it.. XD

Okay, Bye my budgies before I go beach crazy again! X3



Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Epic Pack Gem Squad Review!

Heyy.. Remember me? That lazy blogger who only posts every six billions years? Yep, That's me all right. XD

Long time no see, Eh? Well here I am, Making a post after a month of nothingness..
Well, I did make another blog, Budgie Photographers, And posted twice so far, So I did do something, Just not here. :P

And I will soon be posting again, But AJB is overdue for a post, So I'm fixing the problem!

I'm also going to work on the tabs.. Which are of course out of date, Or just need new content, And maybe even work on another post and schedule it to be released next week, And hopefully by that time the AJ spring 2018 box will be here, And I promise I'll do a review, I skipped the last box, It was late and the photos just won't that good looking, I just got back from a trip at the time and it was dark, So good lighting wasn't an option. :L 

Speaking of boxes, You may have noticed I removed "Snazzy Photos" and "Collection" from the Cross-Column, Those wore moved to Budgie Photographers, (Well "Snazzy Photos" Really just got expanded) So In replacement, I might make AJ box reviews a tab, I don't think I'll reuse the photos I already have, So probably no "Inbox" photos", I think It'll kinda be like this "This Parakeet has a light yellow crown, Yellow cheeks and a green body, It's covered in soft colorful feathers along with a white coat underneath".. Kinda like that, I guess you could say In depth.

Okay Okay, Let's just get to the review before this post is just me blabbering about random stuff no one really cares for. :P

So today I'll be reviewing two of the Animal Jam Gem Squad Epic Packs, I've actually opened two of these before, But the lighting wasn't the best, So I'm just going to show these due to quality.

The Gem Squad Epic Packs are a blind toy exclusive to Walmart stores, They each come with..

1. 3" Animal figure

3 Accessories

1. Checklist

1.  Exclusive online game code.

 These toys retail for 4.50, And have 24 different animals to collect, Each code will  give you an exclusive piece of Pegasus Armor, And some will also give you bonus Diamonds and Sapphires depending on the rarity of the figure.

There's 5 different categories with 4 different rarities.

Friendship Festival

Lucky Day


Look Of The Week: Black And White







Okay, I think I covered the basic stuff, So let's get to the review!

First we'll open the blue gem! :3

So first we have some purple sparkly Angel Wings, A yellow sparkly Unicorn Horn and a pink sparkly Gem.

And our figure is....!

A bunny!

Well, It's not one of the new figures, But It's actually pretty cool! 

And I didn't notice before but the original bunny figure had eyelashes, And the Gem Squad ones don't, :3 I love how they changed the eyes on these new figures. 

The bunny is white, With a pink and purple swirly pattern, And has iridescent gold diamonds. 

Here's the bunny with it's accessories.

And here's the code/fun fact.

So our bunnies name is Eternal Glamdaisy, And our fact says...

Did You Know

"Cottontail rabbits live In meadows, Fields, And sometimes even cities and farms!"

And the code gave us..

A white Crystal Pegasus Tail! :D

So now the pink gem!

Our accessories are..

Pink sparkly Snowflake Wings, A purple sparkly Gem and another sparkly yellow Unicorn Horn.

And our figure is..!

THE OWL!!!!!


The figure is a slightly translucent glittery purple, With light purple and blue swirls, The figure has big swirly eyes and orange beak and feet.


Here's the code/fun fact..

Our owls name is Swift Tinyfire, And is a Precious! And our fact says.

Did you know?

"Snowy owls are diurnal, Which means they are active during the day and at night!"

And the code gave us..

White Crystal Pegasus Gauntlets, Along with About 45 Sapphires in AJ PLAY WILD! And 7-10 Diamonds in Animal Jam!

I can't remember the exact amount, But it was something like that.. XD

So I hope you enjoyed this small review! Let me know what you think of the Gem Squad, Along with the idea for the AJ boxes! :D Oh and one more thing I wanted to show..

My post on the gem squad has 644 views! And its still going! XD Only a few days ago it was 510, And now its close to 650!

That'll be it for today! So long me' Budgies!

Tomorrows me' Birthday! X3

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Happy 1st Bloggerversary To ME! X3

Me: Hey, Hey! Guys you know what today is!?

Random Person: Wednesday.. :I

Me: No! Guess again!! ):3

Random Person: Talloose we really don't have time for this.. ):I



Me: No it's not. :3 

Technically, It is Wednesday, And it is February 21st, But not only that..

IT'S MY 1ST BLOGGERVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting today, My blog is 1 years old, It grew up so fast. :') 

So today's post will start off with my adventure into Animal Jam, Which all started 6 years ago. :3

I really can't remember my days as a New Jammer, So i'm gonna try me' best.

I believe I joined near the end of 2011, I remember me and my mom looking for an online game for me to play, And we found out about Animal Jam, So I guess we made me an account, And My mom picked out my username, Talloose, Based off a cat we had, So I remember choosing my first animal and I choose the Seal, I made it brown with green flowers and called it Kiwi, I have this plush seal named Kiwi and I had this whole thingy about Kiwi the seal and her best friend Peppermint, I loved those Seals. :3 I also remember wanting to go to Kani Cove, But I think it took us forever to figure out how. XD I remember I always wanted a Volcano den, And to own a lion, I wasn't able to chat for a long time nor own a membership, I wasn't until, Err, Maybe 2013-2014? I think Membership is 13 and Chat is either one. :P I remember I got an Arctic Wolf from the gift cards, I made it black and white and gave it Sunglasses and a Mustache, I really can't remember much, Nothing happened much anyways because I couldn't say anything or see anyone talking. :P

So now onto something I can remember a little better, My blogging adventure. :3

It all started with the rarity of Party Hats, Yep, Party Hats. :3

So I was trying to get a New Years Party Hat, And I was looking up what they wore worth to get an idea, And I wanted to avoid watching Youtube videos, So I found these 2 blogs. :3

So I read their posts about Party Hats, And I just kept on reading, I loved these blogs, I loved all the tips and tricks for trading and rares, Along with their other posts, So you could say I was hooked.

After that I found this blog 

I can't remember if there was anything in particular on how i found this blog, Maybe I just stumbled upon it while browsing the Internet, But I loved this blog! I loved looking at all the unreleased items, And the rants wore entertaining to read, I was sad when I got into the blog only to find out that she wasn't posting much anymore, But when I went back to the blog it still seems to be a little active, So that made me quite happy. :)

So pretty much after the first too blogs, I started to look around for other blogs I'd enjoy, So I found this Blog.

This blog is one that started to get my ideas going, I got quite inspired by everything on this blog! I loved how the post wore wrote, I loved all tips, I loved just everything! X3 Doomypanda is really sweet, I love her honest opinions her blog design is so pretty and creative! I definitely recommend checking out the Animal Jam Stream. :)

Okay, So this next blog is what really, REALLY! Inspired me.

So I went crazy for this blog CRAZYYY! So I remember finding this blog one night, And I just couldn't stop reading, I loved the style of the blog, I loved all the tabs and extras, I loved Nafaria9's personality, Shes really nice and funny, Shes an amazing blogger too, I was obsessed with this blog, I remember how excited I was when I sent her a masterpiece and she posted it on her blog! XD I also remember I was super excited about when I first commented on her blog. But when I found this blog, I knew what I wanted to do, I was so inspired by her blog I knew I wanted one of my own, I loved her blog so much that I wanted to do was she did, I wanted to blog like her, I wanted to join the rest of the community, I wanted to be an AJ blogger.

So after finding all those blogs, Came The Animal Jam Jumble, Animal Jam Community, Animal Jam Friendship Community, Weekly Jammer News, And many more.

I remember when AJHQ had a Saints Patrick's Day live stream, And while I was waiting for the stream to start I saw bloggers, Lots of AJ bloggers, And I was literally squealing in my seat. XD I remember how excited I was when I was talking to Graciepopstar91, And I also got super excited when I got a Jam-A-Gram from Sarahkey8, And I was even squealing when I say Lostfairy in a crowd of other Jammers....For like only 2 seconds.. XD It was like the best day ever.. XD

I also remember how excited I was when I got comments from people reading my blog, And my first followers as well, I sure get excited about random things. XD I even remember when I went to my first blogger party, I can't remember what it was though.. I'm kinda thinking it was something Gracie from the AJFC hosted. :P But I was freaking out about it too X3 It was quite fun.

But that's really it for the most part, Mostly I just got really inspired by all of you amazing bloggers. :3 I really just want to thank you all, Because you all got me into something I really enjoy doing, And even to make a few friends, Which is something I never think about. X3 It's nice getting to know other people, Even if we're who knows how far apart, I really enjoy talking with all of you, And you guys are really nice and fun to be around. :) And your all such amazing people that really inspire me to try something new. This blog just really gives me a place to interact with others, And express myself in a different way, I'm really grateful to be apart of such an awesome community, You guys rock! :D

So I asked you guys to give me some questions so I could do a Q&A! I just thought this would be something fun that I could add to this post, So to ze questions!

So first I'll be answering questions from Sarahkey8. :3

1. How many pets do you have? 

Well, We have Percy and Luke, We have some cats, Some chickens, and some dogs.. I'm not keen on all these besides Percy and Luke, But my mom kinda has this thing about animals.. So I'm stuck with all them, Xp 

 2. What's your least favorite animal? 

Squirrels.. I HATE THEM! And I'm not gonna explain why..  

3. how many siblings do you have?

I have 2 older sisters. :3

 4. What's your favorite book?

OOOOOO.. I would say my cookbook.. XD But I should  probably pick a book you actually read, So I'd say A Year Without Autumn by Liz Kessler, I love Liz's books, I own quite a few of them, But I think A Year Without Autumn is my favorite, It's about this girl and her best friend and on this Family/Friend vacation thing, And so when the one girl goes to the apartment to visit her friend, She takes the old elevator that takes her to the future. And that description I just did was horrible.. XD But it's a really good book, Just thinking about it makes me want to read it again.

So this next questions wore asked by Violet AJ/Violet86271.  ;)

 1. Which animal do you like best besides Birds?

I love Seals! I also love Foxes, Cows, And Sheep! :D

2. What's your opinion on BLOBFISH?

Their quite strange, But also very adorable! X3

3. What's you favorite thing to draw?

Hmm.. That's kinda tricky, I really don't think I have one thing that I particularly like best, But I've been drawing MLP a lot lately, And those are fun to draw so I'll go with that.

4. What do you like best about blogging?

I really like everything about blogging! Maybe one that I get annoyed with is when I make a typo and I get frustrated with myself.. I usually mistake "there" when I meant to say "their", Or "whats" when I meant to say "what's".. Xp UGH..

And now our last questions asked by SySpy. :D

1. What's you favorite post in this blog?

Hmm.. I dunno, I never really thought of that.. But I'm just gonna say this post right now, Because I always wanted a blog before, And now I do and it's already 1 years old. :)

2. How excited were you when you first posted?

Superdooper! Since I waited a whole year until My parents finally let me, So It was really exciting!

And that's the end of the Q&A, Thanks Sarah,Violet and SySpy for giving me some questions! Thankfully that idea wasn't a total failure.. XD

So that was my very 1st Bloggerversary post! I hope you guys enjoy reading it, But I just wanna thank you all one more time for just inspiring me to create this blog in the first place, It's been really fun being apart of this blogging community and I hope this blog and my interest in Animal Jam will even last when I'm 50! XD

Well now I'm gonna go look in my cookbook to see what I should make to celebrate my Bloggerversary, Hmmm... 

so long my Budgie friends! X3 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Last Chance!

Hey guys! I just wanted to note that my Bloggerversary is tomorrow!
So if you want to ask a few questions for my Q&A and haven't,
 today's the last day before my post goes up, Just to let you know if you wanted to. :)  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I need questions!

Hey guys!

So this is just a quick note to you all, So my 1st Bloggerversary is coming around, And I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A! I do plan on making the post more then a Question and Answer, But that's just something I thought would be fun to do! So I need you guys to give me questions about anything! Well, Nothing like my real name and ages and stuff, Just other random things that you wanted to know about me. :3 You can submit questions starting now through February 21st. Have fun! :D

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Gem Squad!


Well, Umm...

I guess I.. Well, Forgot to post, A couple things..

Like the Box review, Christmas and New Year recap..

And it wouldn't make sense that I'd still make a post about it.

Unless you guys are really that interested in seeing them, Please let me know, Because I feel bad about it, Well I really do in every post, And you guys are probably sick of it. :p

Okay, I could just do a whole post like that, Or get to the point of why I'm writing this.

Alrighty!  So you guys have probably herd of the Gem Squad by now, Nafaria9 (CLICK HERE! To read her post), Made a post on the Pegasus Armor, And it belongs to the Gem Squad.

And when I first read her post, I thought that the Gem Squad was just another pet Multipack, And the pets would be translucent and kinda have a rocky, Crystal kinda look to them. But noo, I was soo very wrong, And I'm soo happy I was. XD

And something I just need to note, All the pictures are not originally mine, Some of them wore from videos and I just took some screenshots, And other are from the AJ Wiki and other sites, So I give all the credit to them! And I will be putting notes on what came from where. (I actually only used Screenshots.. XD)

Okay! Now Introducing the Gem Squad!! :D

(These Screenshots wore taken from Miss Bannworth's video:  Animal Jam: Epic Pack: Gem Squad Animal List)


They are so stinking cool! And FINALLY there's new figures! Jazwares and AJHQ, I was waiting all last year for the new toys, And there was nothing, NOTHING! Well, Except a some pet toys, Like the plush blind bags and the Series 3 Cupcakes, Oh and the Friendship Cottage, And the Giraffe with the Closet, Okay, Maybe there was a little more then I thought, but still, THERE WAS NOTHING!! XD But finally, All those awaited Figures, Plush and Playsets will hopefully make a debut in the land of toys this year and not a bunch of tiny little pet figures. But don't get me wrong, I love the pets, There so tiny and cute, And I really enjoy the blind dens and stuff, But I've been waiting for the normal ones for so long it feels, :P And I think, Because they already got the molds so it seems, The normal versions will be coming out soon! YAY!

(These Screenshots wore taken from Miss Bannworth's video: Animal Jam: Epic Pack: Gem Squad Toy Unboxing)

So I just said that I love the Pet Blind Dens, Well, The Gem Squad is also a blind toy.. XD

So these will be packaged as a blind toy, Meaning you don't know what figure you'll be getting, And the package is designed to look like a gem, And instead Adopt-A-Pets, These are called Epic Packs, And these figures will be Exclusive to Walmart, But I'm wondering, Since these are called Epic Pack Gem Squad, See it's "Epic Pack" then "Gem Squad" and not to mention, These are exclusive to Walmart's only, And these reminds me of the Adopt-A-Pets Treasure Chests, And with those, There are many other versions of Adopt-A-Pets, But Walmart has an Exclusive, And same with the Den Playsets, Many versions, But there's exclusives, And the Treasure Chest don't say the series number, And these don't say the series number, Sooo, I bet there's gonna be a series 1 coming out! Or maybe it could be floating around all ready and there's been no record of them yet, So I'm positive there's gonna be more! :D

So these figures do come with accessories, New accessories even, and some are glittery and translucent! :D

(These Screenshots wore taken from DiamondMom76's video: Animal Jam Gem Squad Crystal Pegasus Promos Unboxing & Redeeming Codes | diamondmom76)

I love the new eye shapes and items! :D The Dolphin is so pretty! X3 And I'm in love with the Unicorn Horns! And the Musketeer Hat, I love how big it is, Unlike most of the head items, There small, So I'm very excited to get one! :3 And lots of new colors! And making one with black is really nice, So not everything is colorful, And I love the patterns! There alot different then the Light Up Ring figures, And some parts are iridescent, Which is a very nice touch on these. :)

I'm not sure on the price, But I'm estimating around 3-5 $ based on the prices of the other toys, The Friends With Pets are 5$, And they are pretty much the same as these but come with a Pet and don't have the patterns, And are not blind boxed or anything, and Adopt-A-Pets are 2.88, So I'm thinking 4.50 or so. :P

I'm also not sure what else the codes give you other then the Pegasus Armor, Most likely Gems and Diamonds.

So I think these are super cool! I'm super excited to hunt these down along with the Spring Cottages, And Hopefully I'll get the new figures. :3 Tell me what you think in the comments! :P Because you know I love to read comments from you guys, I just do. :3

So hopefully I put enough Information in this post, Because I just found out about these soo, :P Yeah.  And If I do find them, I'll do a quick review posty thingy, And hopefully the pictures will be better. And I'll let you know the price and stuff, And I also have another post planned, Which Involves a sore loser, And Tavie not being an Alpha. XD You'll see.

Well I hope to see you soon guys! BYEEE!