Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saying weird things in public - Art

Random people: Oh great.. 
Random people: Talloose what are blabbering about!
Random people: Good for you Talloose, Now get to the post! ):I 
Random people: But you just said you had free queso!
Random people: But you!!.. JUST EAT THE QUESO TALLOOSE AND POST! ):c
Random people: Talloose, if you keep talking about this "Mythical free queso"  We'll have to post for you! >:)
Random people: Hey jammers! We're your new writes on this very lazy blog!
Random people: Just ignore that person over there, There perfec...
Me:  :Kicks Random people off chair: 

Happy belated free queso day! :D

Yester-Yesterday was the lovely day where you get free queso at Moes! (Its a Restaurant)
We ended up getting five big things of queso! XD Since here we're a family of five, So we each got one with our dinner, So chips a queso here I come!

So for today's post, I was gonna do a comic, But I got an even better idea!
I'm gonna go around Jamma and say random things and take screen shots of everyone's reactions! XD

Alright, This is gonna get weird. :P

Attempt number. 1

No reactions, Just watching.

Attempt number. 2

I got called a troll this time. :P 

Attempt number. 3

Also nothing. 

Attempt number. 4

A little bit of interaction in this one.

So this was kinda a fail, I'd say 50-50. :P Hopefully If I try this again it will be more successful, But it was pretty fun just saying random stuff. XD So for me it all turned out good in the end.

To finish off this post, I'll show you a drawing I did quite a while ago, I just never posted it. Sorry about that. :c

So here's the art. :3

It's the Japanese virtual singer, Hatsune Miku, As an Animal Jam cougar! :D 

This idea just wandering into my head one day, And I was like "I gotta draw that!" So this is the result and I'm quite pleased. :3
It took me quite awhile to be pleased with the mouth. When I drew the sketch It was fine, Then when I got the coloring part, I had a bit of trouble, But I got it to look good in the end. 

So what do you think about this drawing? Have you heard of VocaloIds? 

 Welp, We have now reached the end of this post, I'll post at some point in life again. XD

Adios! :3

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Secret Spy Camera ):3

Hello everyone and welcome back to the most non-posted blog that's been going for almost 7 months! XD 

So today's post is gonna be about me, Spying on people in my own den... ):3 CHAHAHAHAH!

I actually do this all the time! XD It's really entertaining, And sometimes it just makes me laugh, And since I had no post ideas, I just came up with this, And I'm really liking the idea. 

So this is how it's gonna work, I'm gonna go into Jamma Township, And host an Art Rating in my den, And while my main account is doing the hosting, I go onto my Storage Account, And hide somewhere in my den, And as people come, I can watch them and see what they say and do! And nobody knows I'm there.. XD

Well, Besides whoever reads this post... XD I'm perfectly unknown.

Okay! Let's get on with the show!

Here's our first two Jammers to arrive at the scene, And I think that Arctic Wolf likes that Masterpiece a little too much.. 

This Giraffe seems very amazed, It's so fascinated its eyes are popping out of its head. XD

This Wolf seems to want one of my Masterpieces, Although, I wonder who it's asking because I'm not there, Well I am, But no one knows even if they did they don't know that it's a storage. :P maybe it thinks I am there, I really don't know, But I see it a lot.

A random picture of me visitors. And looky there! A fellow seal! and it's even yellow. HEHEHEH! :P

The amazed Eagle!   

The first Jam-O-Gram! 

Amazed Eagle number two! HOORAY FOR AMAZED EAGLES! XD

And now an Amazed Wolf! I don't know.. I'm kinda leaning towards The Amazed Eagles. XD

OOOOH The Wolf has the Non-Member version of the Pet Phantom. Neat! 

"Is he here?"  Do you mean me? XD Well no, I'm not there, And I'm also not a boy.. XD

"Mine" Eh? This is an Art Rating! Not a store! Even if I wanted to give you one, I don't own a copy and I can't even make them since the file is out of date! 

A tiny bit after, I received these Jam-O-Grams.. :P

I replied with "Nope" (I wish I could say it more politely)

Then I replied with "No Thanks".

And once again, "No Thanks".

I just have to say.

I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.

This also isn't a Trading center either... XD

Or an advertisement thingy. :P

"I'm liking every sing let last art" What does that supposed to mean..?

Hello. :3

Looks like their gonna chat..

And now the last message. :P

And that's the end of the "Spy Camera" Slide Show. XD

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And weren't terribly board, :3 
And I'll be making another post soon, So until next time..

Allons-Y! XD

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Animal Jam Summer Box - Adopt a Pet Series 3 "Cupcake" Reviews!

Hello everyone! I am here today giving you a hopefully "Good" review on the Animal Jam Summer Box, Along with a bonus Adopt a Pet Series 3 Cupcake blind house thing! XD

As you may have noticed, The last box I reviewed took sooooo long to get here, But looky here! It came today! And it's only in the middle of this month so WOOHOO! :D Hopefully the next box will come on time like this one, And not two months. :P

So lets get onto le' review!

So here is the outside of the box.

I really like the design for this box! I love ocean theme and the little portholes! :3

Here is the inside!

If you notice at the bottom of the box, The design is different then the previous, The Spring and Winter boxes have a solid color background with the purple fox on the side, Unlike this time, It has a ocean background with a cute little dolphin! :D I hope they do more like this in future boxes.

Here's the card/checklist thingy. :P
I actually took the card pictures after I did everything else so it wouldn't spoil the surprise of when I first opened it. XD

Now onto the fun stuff!
I kinda took some of the pictures afterwords too XD Since i had to hurry because my mom wanted to see what was in it before she went to work. :P

So first, We'll start with the Octopus plush toy!

Here he is in his plastic bag, I feel sorry for plushies that get bought offline, They always get suffocated.  

Here he is without the "Suffocation Plastic". :P

He is so cute! He's one of the small sized plush, And he doesn't come with a code, I was kinda hoping he would so I could have a virtual one, But I don't mind. He doesn't have an accessory, Just the pattern, And It is made by Jazwares, And not the people who made these unofficial plush.


Next Is the Shark charm!

This is the third charm in the Jammer Charm series! And is by far, My favorite! I really love sharks and this one is so cute! I love the colors and the facial expression! I really want to make this shark on AJ, Although, I'm currently Non-Member :P

Next is the Jammer Canteen!

Here's the canteen in its package.

And now the canteen design!

I really like canteens and this one is awesome! It holds lots of water (Or whatever you want to put in it :P) And It seems really good quality! It also has an adjustable strap to you can easily take it with you anywhere! I believe it can even help keep your drinks cold! YAY! This Item also has the code, Just so you know. :D  

Next is the Beach Blanket!

How do they fit that in there? XD The power of packaging, It's like once you take the cereal out of the box, You can't get the box to look the same until you eat it all XD

I really like the towel! I might just end up using this as a normal blanket.. :P I mean, I use the penguin scarf as a wubby, So clearly I can use this as a blanket. XD

Up next we have Surfs Up Tee! YES MORE AJ SHIRTS! X'D

Here's le' Shirt.

And a design close up.


This is defiantly my favorite shirt out of the two that's been released, The colors, the design, The shirt style, Everything! XD

On camera, The shirt looks white, But In person, It's actually like a very light yellowy cream color, It's really nice! :3 I love yellow, Especially light yellow, So its perfect. XD 

Next item, Almost last, Is the Playing Cards!

And here's some of the cards inside!

I love that Arctic Wolf with the unicorn horn! ITS SO CUTE!! XD

If you look, The animals seem to be saying something, And what there telling you is a fact about the animal on the card!

Pretty cool, Huh? :D

If you wanted to know all the animal species that are on the cards, Maybe this photo will help you some. :P

My sister organized them by species, And they sure put a variety! :D

So onto a very last item, And I think is the BEST of the BEST in the entire box subscription, Presenting... 

The Drawstring Backpack!


I so wanted an Animal Jam bag like CRAZY! Since in the other summer boxes that CultureFly made, They seem to include bags, I was really hoping this one would, AND IT DID!! X'D And this bag is so perfect! It has organizing spots, To keep it tidy, It's kinda small, But LOADS of room, And it has a SEAL ON IT!! I love seals! There like my favorite animal In real life and AJ, Not to mention it's my main animal and first! And I really like the Sand Dollar necklace. XD 

So here's the inside of the bag

Just a plain inside, No pockets or anything. 

And now the other pockets

Definitely plenty of room to take lots of things, And it doesn't take up any space really, So this will be great for travel! :D 

So now let's see what this boxes Promo-Item is!

A Shark Tail, I don't really know how this matches the canteen, But Okay. :P

I have to say this item is pretty cool, But at the same time, Kinda weird, And It doesn't look very good on Wolves..

I guess I'll see what it looks good on when I get membership, Because The Seal even looks weird! And it already has a sorta fishy tail.. :P

So this box i believe is the best one yet! I loved everything in it and there wasn't really anything I don't think i'll use or wasn't excited about, So this ranks 1000000000 out of 10 XD

So lets go onto the last part of the post!

So when I was starting to import my photos and get ready to post, My dad came home and I walked over and showed him my octopus plush, And I don't really remember but I maybe said something about my box, And he said "But did it come with this?!" And gave me a Adopt a Pet Cupcake! And I totally didn't sequel... XD And I said if I should repay him, And  he did the "No" nod, and then just automatically hugged him.. XD And trust me.. I'm not a hugger.. So honestly.. I surprised myself, So as you can see, I like AJ toys, A little too much.. XD I own them with pride!

So then I was like, Well looks like we need to import more photos! :P And here I am, Doing a review thing. XD

So this is the cupcake with the little.. saying what this is thingy :3

And here it is without it along with the back of the cupcake

So to get the cupcake open, You have to twist the frosting, Good thinking AJ. :P

And here's the pet I got!

I got a little ferret with a macaroon on his head! It actually might be one of those sandwich cookies with jam and a cutout on top, I'm not sure XD

I noticed that this series doesn't have the food bowls like the other ones do, I wonder why, I honestly don't mind though because it feels like I got a million! :P

They codes also changed and they now have a little fact about the pet you got! I really like that idea honestly, Not to mention it shows you what pet you got without having to search in the checklist a dozen times to find what one you have, But they still do include a checklist! So you still get a million of those! XD

I think this series is really cute! I will defiantly want to get more of these, I really want to get the Hippo and the Seahorse, The Bat would be cool too!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to comment your thoughts down below because I love moderating comments! XD 

Bye guys and remember to never trust a Budgie with a blue hat, I don't know why but don't!  XD

Me:   :Looks at clock:

Me: It's almost 9:00 already?! ):C

Me: Wait.. Didn't I start this post at like 4:00?  :I

 I am clearly the worlds slowest blogger..