Sunday, August 6, 2017

I have found more stuff :P

Helloooo my dear friends! Well, Here I am posting at last! And it feels so wonderful to be with you, On my first post of august. :3


Okay, So Lately I've been searching  the internet, Trying to find new AJ toys, And I have been successful! :D YAY! XD

So first, This isn't really a totally new toy, But, A new image of it!

 It's a new image of the Rhino figure! The link to where this image came from was So, Maybe sometime soon they will sell them. I hope so! :D 

So the next thing I found was an adorable plush Dolphin!

 It's so cute! I want this so bad! XD I just love all the ocean figures and plush.. :3

This plush is the small sized ones, And I noticed that it looks a lot like the Dolphin plush that was pictured in the new "2017 Plush".


The only difference is this one has a flower, And the other has a Pirate Bandanna, Maybe the hat was the original design, But then they changed it, I personally like the flower better anyways, But I'm wondering, If they changed the Dolphin's accessory, Maybe they Turtle's got changed too, I quite like the Eye Patch though, I guess we'll just have to find out when they get released. :3

Alright! Here is the most GRAND toy in this post! XD

:Drum roll:


The Animal Jam Jammer Juice Party Exclusive Playset!

:Hallelujah starts playing and confetti is flying everywhere:


 And look.. At the top on the left side, Just above the Pet Joey and Butterfly, Lies one of the best pet's I've seen yet.. Yup.. That's right Jammers.. It's A..





Okay.. I think the craziness is over.. :3

So this pack is a Target exclusive, I have not seen it on there website yet, But it may be in an actual store, It comes with two pets from Series 1 and 2, And two of them are Ultra rare! How cool is that?

Also if you look at the back of the box, There seems to be some new toys pictured on it! 

Cupcake Hut, Donut Hut, And Light Up Fancy Pets.

It seems that pets are getting a light up thingy too! And Instead of a ring, I believe it's a necklace, I wonder how these will be packaged, Maybe two pets and a necklace? Because it would be kinda weird just seeing one tiny little pet and a big necklace, Probably will be more then one included. :3

So what toy do you think is your favorite? Leave all your thought's in the comments! I love hearing from you guys!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And to let you guys know, The Animal Jam Summer Boxes are going to start shipping soon! So there may be a review by the end of this month, And I'm gonna try and make it a little better this time then the last one. :P

Auf Wiedersehen! :D

Friday, July 28, 2017

One of the scariest things I ever seen.. O,O

Hello my blog readers, No this isn't a real post, But this is something I had to show you guys. I must inform you to brace yourself, And maybe grab a screaming pillow or something, Just in case.

So I was looking at AJ toys on Targets website, Seeing if there's anything new, And yes, There was.. O,O It wasn't a figure, Nor plushie, It was far beyond that.

So, Here is by far, One of the worst things I may ever see, And may just be on your list too.

................... O . O




Friday, July 14, 2017

I finally posted. XD

Hello, Hello, Hello! Looks like I'm finally here posting! :P

I'm honestly really sorry for not posting ages ago like I should of, I just strangely wasn't really in the mood for doing any posting, So the days flew by and I haven't done anything, But here I am! And it just feels good to be writing.

So as I said in my last post, I went on vacation for Forth of July, And I was thinking about making a trip post, But I honestly couldn't think of anything really cool that happened in the trip that I should make a whole post about, So I just gonna state a few things here. :P

So the first day we mostly drove the entire time, It takes at least 8-10 hours for us to get there, normally just 8 though.

 So the next day we celebrated Forth of July, Although we did it early because some of our family couldn't make it on Tuesday because of work, So we did it on the 1st, It still felt the same as it would any other day, Just no fireworks, And as me and my sisters swam in the lake, We experienced a Sea Titan.. And let's just say that it loved hanging around my middle sister. (I just call her Armin. Because, Well, I actually do call her that. XD) We don't know why, And Armin had to hide under the dock or something to get away, And while she hid, The "Sea Titan" Kept asking everyone where she was... And it was kinda like this...
Well, It didn't say Armin but you get the idea.. o,o

So I'm not sure if this was the next day or not, But at some point Me, My sisters and my dad went to a Water Park,  And after we met up with my dad's friend and played Mini Golf like we always do, And we did horrible! XD We normally do good or at least normal, But just about every round we'd get 5 and over. XD IT WAS RIGGED!

And the next day we went to a real cave! It was really cool! :D I did take a few pictures so I guess I'll show a few that look good. :P

And that's just a tiny bit of the trip. :3 I hope you enjoyed.

And since I'm posting finally, How about I show you the finished work of the drawing of Lostfairy and Swirlshine! :D 

Okay! Here it is......!

Isn't it.. AWESOME!? I didn't work on for quite awhile, But I have been for the past few days, And I quite pleased with my work! :3

So first thing about this is Swirlshine took me WWWAAAYYY longer then Lostfairy did, I guess Swirl has a lot more detail then Lost does, Like all her swirls, along with her blanket and hat, And Lost has a bit more simple look, So Swirl was more time consuming, But they both have just as much effort put into them, And I think it all worked out. :)

So what do you guys think? Do you like this one better then my past ones?  Leave all your thoughts in the comments! I love hearing all your opinions. :D

Well that's all I can think of to post about at the moment, But I'll be back eventually! :3

 auf Wiedersehen alle Budgie Einhörner! Ich hoffe, dass wir eines Tages Jagd auf den Goldenen Zitronen zusammen! So lange Zitrone Jäger! Und ich werde wieder Post! irgendein erforderlichen Mitteln!  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Going on vacation.. Again..

Hi everyone! How you doin? :P

Today I'm just gonna talk about some random things, But mostly the fact that I'm going on vacation again, So that means 0% active, BOO! 

This time it's just me, My dad, And my sisters going, My mom has to work so she can't make it, I guess she also has to take care of our chickens and stuff and she can choose to come or not, Unlike last time, She had to come due to many reasons. :P I still wish she would come, She hasn't come to one of my families gatherings in a long time, And yup! This trip is a special family thing we do twice each year, Besides thanksgiving.

So here's some stuff about our family gathering thingys.

Each year, For Christmas and Forth of July, My family have big get together things, For Christmas, We all meet up at this school place, And do basket ball challenges, Gift exchanges, family photos and just hang out and have fun with family, After we normally go to my aunt and uncles house and hang out there for awhile, So that's kinda what our Christmas gathering is, But Forth of July is a little different, instead we go to my aunt and uncles (Yup same aunt and uncle) Lake house, So there we get to swim in the lake, And go on boat rides, and at night watch fireworks from across the lake, It's really fun! :D So there's a little somethin-somethin about what me and my family do each year!

So since it's Forth of July, We're going to the lake! YAY SWIMMING! My aunt and uncle actually have a new lake house, So I'm super excited to see what it looks like, My aunt showed me and my sisters a picture, And it looked pretty cool! I really hope it doesn't have a super steep, Long hill to walk up and down a million times, Or at least it has stairs or something... XD But it's worth it since you get to swim.

And one good thing about this is Percy can come! YIPPE! I gotta clean his "Travel cage" so it will be ready for him, Then in the morning all I gotta do is put his favorite toys, Some food and water, And of course himself in the cage. :3

So the other thing I wanted to talk about is the Anime Con me and my sisters went too! :D

So first, Let me just say that it was one of the funnest things I ever EVER done! XD It's definitely at the top of the list! :D

So right when we go inside the building, This guy walks up to us and asks for a picture, Which was pretty cool since we didn't think anyone would ask, So by the time we actually went to where everything was, Someone asked for a photo, And then someone else, And then another person! XD It was really weird because like EVERYONE wanted our photo! They we're really excited and loved our cosplays! We we're FAMOUS! XD Even when waiting inline to go inside this anime store people wanted our picture! XD And you know something really weird? We wore like the only people cosplaying Attack on Titan! XD There was like four other people, Although, Two of them just had the jacket... XD And I seemed to be the only Eren, The other two people we saw was Levi and Armin, Which my sisters cosplayed as, So that was kinda fun being the only one. We are still kinda surprised that barely anyone cosplayed as any of the characters, Since its really popular, But that made it funner to be like the one and only. So here's three funny things people said to us at the con.. XD 


This is what a lady said in the anime store.. XD She was very excited.


This is what someone yelled at us when we passed them, It was super funny because someone other then me called my sister short! XD She's actually like 5.4 or less, And that's like Levi's actual height, And as we walked away my sister pointed at the lady who said that! XD I still find it funny.

(In a weeny nerdy voice) OH MY GOSH I love Eren! I love all of you! Your cosplays are amazing! I don't cosplay because I too fab! But you guys are great!

This one just creaks me up XD This is what this guy said to us! I'm so glad I was filming when he said that because his voice is so funny! XD It's like a weeny nerdy voice, And one of the funnest things about this is he said "I don't cosplay because I too fab!" It's just too funny! He also kinda sounded nervous but excited! It's just too great for words! XD

Here's one more thing someone said to us, But this was a restaurant. :P

Excuse me, Attack on Titan cosplay? (Mhmm)  LOVE IT!

This was pretty funny! XD So we got to our table, And the guy behind us pop up his head and asks. But when he said "LOVE IT!" Was really the great part about this. XD We went to this Kinda fancy Chinese/Japanese restaurant, So we really didn't expect someone to know who we wore, But someone did so Yay! I just think everyone else was confused, Annoyed, Or disturbed. XD

So after we ate, We went to target since it was right next to it, And I was laughing quite a bit because everyone's faces when we walked passed them! XD They wore like this..

Yeah... XD Also we passed these kids that said

(In a sassy voice) Why are they dressed up?! It's not even Halloween yet! 

Okay...  :I So does that count for like little kids dressing up in princess stuff? Or just really cool things like cosplay? Hmmm...

Well that's some of the things that happened! :D I really want to go to another con now! XD

Well I should get ready for the trip, Since we're leaving tomorrow, But we'll be back Wednesday, So I'll be working on a post about the trip when I get back. 

Until then, Hug Titans, Pet Budgies, Listen to Doctor Doctor, Decorate cakes, And be a complete weirdo because it's fun! XD 


Friday, June 23, 2017

Drawing of Sarahkey8!

Hi Guys! I just wanted to show you the art I did of Sarahkey8! :D 

Here it is!
EEEEEEE! I LOVE IT! XD I'm so proud of how it turned out! I'm just so happy about it! :')

I was quite unsure about how the helmet was on first attempt, So I redid it, And I was still unsure about it, Although it did look better, I was starting to think I may have to redraw the whole thing, But nope! I think it turned out amazing! I really like that little shine I did on the gem in the center, It just feels like it tops it all off in my opinion.  :P

So what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments! :D

So my next project is Lostfairy and Swirlshine together,  After that is Arcticstar8404, and then Karalee, And who knows after that! :D I'm excited to work on Lost and Swirl! I hope it will turn it good!

Well I'm gonna get to work on the new tap for my GIMP art, Bye! :D

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Art, Art, And Randomness

:Me: Doctor doctor, Please!!
:Random person: Talloose, What on earth are you going on about?!
:Me: Oh the mess I'm in!!!
:Random person: What mess?! ):I
:Me: Doctor doctor, Please!!!
:Random person: Talloose... 
:Me: Oh the mess I'm in!!!
:Random Person: Talloose!!
:Me: She walked up to me, And really stole my heart!!
:Random Person: TALLOOSE!!!!!
:Me: And then she started, To take my body apart!!! Livin', Lovin', I'm on the run! Far aw--
:Random person: Well, Looks like Talloose isn't gonna post after all..
:Me: NO WAIT!! 8c
:Random person: Now what?! ):l
:Random person: Mhmm.. :Walks out door:
:Me: 8I 
:Random Person:  :No one: .......

Okay.. That was strange.. :P I do quite like that song.. HEHE. :3

So today, I'm gonna post some art I've made recently, It's been awhile since I updated the "Art" Tab, I really need to do that. :P Not to mention, Happy fathers day! :3

So a few days ago, I got a drawing/image editing program! It's called GIMP and I really like it! Not to mention it's 100% Free and it works amazingly! :D Much better then the old Paint program that is just horrible. XD 
So I've been drawing Animal Jam bloggers and stuff, And I'm super proud of how they turned out! I've so far drawn, Graciepopstar91 And my sister's bunny,  And I'm now working on Sarahkey8!  Once I'm done with Sarah, I'm doing a picture of Lostfairy and Swirlshine together! I'm really excited for when I draw everyone else! I'm mostly drawing whoever's animal feels like a challenge, Or I find their character fun to draw or like how they look, But I'm really just gonna draw everyone I know, Unless I find someone with a cool look randomly on Animal Jam, That's how it goes, Just depends how I feel really. :P

So here's the two drawings I've done so far!

I really like how they turned out! Although, I kinda wish I colored Gracie's wolfs pigtails better, But at the same time, It makes her hair look shiny, So not a big deal.

I think I might add these to the Art tab, But I think I'll make a special tab just for my GIMP art, Plus It will help fill up that bottom cross-column. :P

Okay so now a little randomness. :3

A few days ago, I went to another concert, I'm so glad that it was the last concert I have to get dragged along too, Although, I have to admit, It was kinda cool, And.. Fun. This time it was Iron Maiden and Ghost, And yes, The only concert we ever go to are metal ones, Unless it's my mom going to a bobby long concert, That's it, But I can sometimes enjoy them, But it really depends who it is, Or I might as well say it stank. :P You just never know.

Oh yeah, Guess what me and my sisters are gonna do on Saturday?!?
Guess... Guess.. Guess.. GuesS... GueSS.!. GuESS.!!.. GUESS..!!!.. GUESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
:Random person N.2: Lay around and do nothing?

:Random person N.3: Bake me 50 cookies? :3
Err.. No. My sisters don't really bake either. :P

 I do. :3 Well, For people me and my sisters, This is one of the best things ever, And I never actually thought it would happen.. XD Sooo... Okay say it! 
We... Are going.. To a...

ANIME CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:Random person: That's it..? ):I


I sure been having this "Random people" Running around in this post, HEHEHE. :P
But I'm so excited!! A daydream of mine is actually gonna happen! I just can't wait! I really hope my sister will get our cosplays done in time, Hopefully I can help some what without messing something up, I'm pretty bad at crafty/sewing like things.. XD I think she is mostly doing the sewing things, Which is good. :P They look super cool so far! We're cosplaying as Eren, Armin, and Levi from Attack on Titan, I wonder how many other people will be cosplaying as the characters, I hope a whole lot because that would be GLORIOUS! XD And what makes it more exciting is that its our first ever con! And I'll be dressed up as the BEST CHARACTER EVER FOR A WHOLE DAY!! XD I'll eat breakfast, IN MY UNIFORM! I'll ride in the car, IN MY UNIFORM!! I'll just be doing everything.. IN MY UNIFORM!!! XD So you get the idea :P

Well I hope you enjoyed this small post, I'll sometime update the tabs and add the new one, Until then, Bye!! And may the parakeets be with you!

Comment call!! Which drawing did you like best? Have you ever been to a con before?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The trip!

Hi people and budgies and titans and cupcakes and Cute fluffy tiny puppy doggies! :D

In today's post, I'm gonna be posting about the trip I went on awhile ago!
This might be pretty long so prepare your cupcakes, Oh, And pretzels if you prefer those, They will work. :3

Also, Percy sadly, Didn't get to come. :( My mom said it was best for him to stay, And it would be better he did then come for various reasons, So he stayed at home, But I was okay with that idea, I honestly needed a brake from him anyways, He's been kinda rotten lately, Like squawking nonstop! And that is not fun to listen to all day, Every day 24/7! ):L

So now that I told you about the Percy-Birdy situation, Lets begin!


we left at like, Maybe 7:00 or 8:00 PM? And we we're driving to Moe's southwest grill (Its a taco place) So we went there to eat, And then started to drive to Atlanta, I think I slept a little, And then I woke up, And just listened to music the rest of the way, Just kinda having a little party at like 12:00 at night. XD I was never so hyper at midnight before. :P It was quite fun and entertaining. So we reached the Hotel/Suite after a bit, Got our keys and went inside, And slept, Oh yeah! I hit my sister with a ugly sausage pillow because.. Well, I think If I told you guys all me and my sisters shenanigans, You wound never understand and would be creeped out for life about us crazy people. XD And the suite was super classy! (Not really, Well kinda, I'm not that sure, It depends) I wish I took pictures of it, But I only had a few pairs of batteries for my camera, And I kinda forgot to also. :P And guess what?!? We got the top floor! (I always wanted to be at the very top!) I achieved a life long goal, So happy for myself. XD I did get the view from the window in the morning.

Day: One 

Sadly, I didn't get this fancy old man on a billboard in the photo.. He was pretty fabulous. XD
So we all got up and dressed, And headed downstairs for breakfast. 
After we ate, We went back to our room, Today we went to a Puppet Museum and a Concert, I got my camera, And my sisters got whatever they wanted signed at the Meet-N-Greet for the concert. (PS: The concert was Delain and Hammerfall, Their metal bands) 
So we derived to the Puppet Museum, Here's some the pictures I took of it!


The orange doofus...

Evil Elmo!!


So after the puppet museum, We went to this pizza place to eat, It was covered in comic book/superhero stuff! Then after that, We went over to the concert and dropped off my sisters and dad for them to wait in line and do the Meet-N-Greet. Since me and my mom didn't want to wait forever on the streets listening to the worst music ever, We went to Barnes And Noble, Then we went to the pet store just for fun, And finally, Some clothes store. So since we didn't really know what to do, We went back to where the concert was, And looked at this vintage clothes store right next to it, We still didn't really want to wait, And listen to this horrible music (TRUST ME IT WAS BAD! Bad words, Inappropriate things, You name it, Not to mention it was just bad in general It was even rapping! YUCK!) 
So we just sat in the car for awhile, Well, I slept in the car. XD With my fluffy titan plushie. ITS SO SOFT AND CUTE!! XD I Think its like one of the best plushies I even owned, And might just be my favorite one. XD My sister and I even made it a outfit, I think its much better with one, Plus every titan needs a uniform! :3 
After I woke up, Me and my mom went to wait in line, I honestly didn't enjoy that. And after awhile we got in, Found our seats and waited for the show. It was pretty good I guess, I enjoyed it better then the last one. Well, one major thing about it was I had these headphones that make things quite, So they helped me enjoy it more. and no, I didn't head bang, or put my fists in the air. I didn't like them enough to let my titan party spirit loose. :P
After the show, We went to the Suite, Went to bed, And you know, Slept. 

Day: Two (Probably my favorite days of the entire trip! XD)

Today started out just like yesterday, Got up, Went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Today we went to the Aquarium and Medieval Times, Medieval Times was what made this the best day ever. XD I'll say why later.

I've been wanting to go to the Aquarium forever! Its been four years since I've been there and I wanted to go back ever since! I'm so happy we went there and I feel so relieved. :3

Here's some of the photos/clips of the aquarium if not all of them in random order! :P
I might not be able to post the clips, I need to see if there's away to mute them, So only the photos can be posted until I edit them if I even can.

SO MANY FISH!! Too bad I couldn't post the Sea Lions or Otters, They move way to fast, I can only have clips of them to where you can see them and not a big blur, So I hope I can mute them and stuff so I can show you. :P Oh yeah, One amazing thing that happened at the aquarium was the invention of "Armin in the Ocean!" ... It's something only me and my sisters would understand.. XD But I'll tell you about it anyways.
So in the aquarium, They have this big underwater tunnel thing, So while me and my sisters where in it, My oldest sister made my middle sister pose next to the tank and plug her noise to make it look like shes underwater, But where did the Armin part come in? Well.. This may be really odd, But me and my sisters call each other the names of our favorite Attack on Titan characters, So my middle sister is Armin.. XD And yes, We call each other these all the time, Its like our real names.. Anyways,  My oldest sister is Levi, And I'm Eren.. YAY! XD There's actually more reasons why we call each other that.. But.. We might only understand it and its also includes some PERSONAL INFORMATION!! So you may never know.. XD ain't I cheeky?

Moving on.. To the best part! 

So we are in the car driving to Medieval Times, And being very weird.. Like singing ride of the valkyries Titan Edition! XD We just said "Titan" instead of 'Dun" Over and over again Hehehe!
We made it to the mall, And Since it was kinda early to go in just yet, We walked around the mall looking for Anime merchandise, And I never EVER walked around a mall before, I think I only did like.. Err, Maybe just a shoe store that was like first thing? I always wanted to avoid going into malls, But I failed. :P But It was actually kinda fun, Maybe just because of all me and my sisters shenanigans we did while walking through the whole store, I'm not very sure. :P 
So once we walked through the whole store, We went to Medieval Times, And waited in there for awhile, We got to see the real MASTER SWORD! My middle sister loves Legend of Zelda, So once she saw the sword, She really wanted it. XD Well, She did get to hold it, Which was pretty fabulous. :P They also had these really cool books, That cost $40 Or more. XD We did go and look at medieval torture devices! That was pretty cool, Although I think some of us might have been disgusted, But I didn't mind, As long as I didn't think of what it did, It was pretty neat! :P

After a few minutes, We got called to our "Royally V.I.P" seats, XD And waited for our dinner and the show, By the way, We're the blue team! :P I kinda wanted the green team because it was kinda Attack on Titanish, But I am so happy we got blue for one reason.. XD I'll say why soon!
So the show started! YAY! And we got our yummy food, Double YAY! It was really good! and do you know what?!? They served Lemon Cake!! 8O YUM!!! Ok.. Enough about the food Talloose, Get to the good part! :P 
So, My middle sister has a Attack on Titan jacket, Like they wear in the anime/manga, And she wore it today, And guess what?! Sometime in the show, The blue knight gave us the Attack on Titan salute!!! And me and my sister we're so crazy after that! I think everyone next to us was disturbed, But that was THE COOLEST THING EVER!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! FELLOW TITAN SLAYER!!!!!!!!! XD
And we we're like MUST.. MEET..HIM!!! XD (Ok, right now as I writing this, I'm trying not to laugh.. XD I don't know why I'm laughing)

So after the show, We sat by a table, And waited for the blue knight to come out, And he did! So when me and my sisters went over to him, Do you know what he did?!? He gave us the salute!! YAY!!! And I was like FELLOW TITAN SLAYER!! XD So we got our picture with him and we did the salute in it. XD I even have a little picture of that so I can look at it gloriously everyday. :P So we went over to some of the other knights, And once we went to the green one, HE GAVE US THE SALUTE!! And we're like YOU TO?!? 8D So we did a picture with him while doing the salute too, And my oldest sister "Levi" Said "Next time, Slay a titan!" XD something like that.

So that was the best day ever, just because of that! XD

Day :Three

So day is our last day in Atlanta, We went to the Zoo, And the rest of the way derived to North Carolina. :P 

So here's the Zoo! :D

Yes! I got a otter picture! :D

I love it how they put a fake dead Zebra in there XD That is just so weirdly awesome!

That.. Took.. Forever to get all these photos! :P But thankfully I only have three more photos to import. 

And you know what this zoo just went and did?!? THEY GOT RID OF THE PARAKEETS!!! )8O  It was because of some sickness they got or something, So they closed it. :( I was pretty sad, But this zoo is still awesome! Because I got to see an animal I always wanted to see, Pandas! And not to mention I always wanted to see a type of bear, And they had bears too! :D And Naked Mole Rats! They are so cute! XD I think they were my favorite part. They did have an Alligator Snapping Turtle, But I Couldn't seem to find it in its tank, I looked.. and looked.. and looked.. And waited.. But there was nothing, It must be really well hidden, Or its not in there right now and they just didn't put a sign up or anything, Who knows. :P

So for the rest of they day, We just drove, We did stop at a McDonalds and got milkshakes though. :P After all the driving, We made it to North Carolina! We got to the hotel, And put our stuff in our room, After that we went to this BBQ restaurant, It was really good I thought, I loved this sauce they had, I wish I knew what it was. So after we ate, We went back to the hotel, After we got back, Me, My sisters, And my dad, Got on our swimsuits and went to the hotels indoor pool. :D After words, We got dried off, And went to bed.

Day: Four.

So today is our last day in North Carolina, Today we went to a concert and a old fashioned dinner! It's been a dream of mine to go to a old diner! :D

So first we got our breakfast, And then headed back to our room to get our stuff.
So now we're driving to the diner, Here's the outside of it!


So we waited outside a bit, And then we got inside, And it was O-HOHO! It was glorious! 

 We all got burgers and they wore delicious! Here's the finial picture in the post of the yummy food! :P

I'm so happy I finally made it to a old diner, I hope someday to go to another. :3

So now we drove to the concert, We we're one of the first to get there, And Yay! We all waited together, We had to wait like five hours? More or less. I actually enjoyed waiting at this one much more, And there was this cool guy that wore a real army suit! How cool is that? :P The concert we went to was more metal bands, Battle Beast, Leaves Eyes, And the headliner, Sabaton. While we waited, There was another place having some.. I'm not that sure what it was. But it was something like, These popular guys on Youtube doing a live show? I honestly don't know and could care less. And there was even people sleeping in tents outside it.. I guess whatever it was must've been big.
While we waited outside.. It rained, Like the entire time, Everyone was soaked. Well, At least for once in my life I waited in the rain for a few hours. XD I never thought that would happen.

So like 7:00 or so, We got in, I'm glad that Meet-N-Greet People go in first, So me and my mom get my dad and sisters Fast Passes, And that means we go in after them. XD So no more waiting in the rain.

This place didn't have seats, So me and my mom just sat in a corner while waiting. 
Battle Beast and Leaves Eyes where okay I guess. I didn't like them all that much, But Sabaton was great! I still didn't put my fist in the air, But I did rock my head back and forth, And tapped my foot, But that's about it. XD

So after the concert, We went back to the diner, And ate some "dessert" At midnight. XD

And then we went to the hotel, And went to bed.

Coming Home.

So we left the hotel, And drove all the way home.

And they lived happily ever after, The end.

NO NO NO NO!!! This isn't the end! ):C I don't even like those "And they lived happily ever after" Endings! Plus there's still some more stuff I need to mention!

So after awhile, We went to this burger place to eat at, And this must've been a history making moment, Because Me and my sisters didn't wear our shoes since they wore soaked from the concert last night. XD So we went into a restaurant with just socks on. :P And that sure was interesting. So after that we started to drive again, With all our goofy shenanigans, And after six hours or more, We made it home. :3 To our non-public restrooms, The ability to bake, And our fluffy birdies to take care of. And that is the end of our unforgettable, Family vacation. 

The End. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading about the trip! :D I quite enjoyed writing it and can't wait to write about many more of my household adventures! And with this trip I achieved many goals that I always wanted to do. So until next time, Slay Titans, Eat Cupcakes, And love Parakeets! Bye! :D